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the back of the page is my new domain
because one sheet can no longer handle the strain
of the burden that i displace
the worry and the disgrace
the embarrassing distaste left behind
it drove me out of my mind to find hip-hop love was the choking kind
the all up in your face joking kind
the words better left unspoken kind
soaking my lines in sarcasm
hurl 'em like javelins without a care to where it's traveling
i figure wherever they land
is where The Word Association will be in demand
we've got more rhymes than there's grains of sand
and we all dig playing in a traveling band
backhand a rapper if his show is bland just because we can
but understand we don't wanna spread violence
that's not the plan
we wanna build with other crews and expand
like a fat man's waist band on Thanksgiving
Robert Altman type props is how i'm living
copycat rappers get cut like ribbons
half day closing without Beth Gibbons
fibbing about your bank account amount won't impress me
let's see you get debt free
when the bottom drops from out the music industry
and your GED won't get a j-o-b
since you spelled quick without the 'c' on a standardized test
people have suffered for much less
everyone's trying their best to be head above water
and be in the black next quarter just to get by
and i mean bare necessities
everyone hopes would be readily available in our stable society
but i step outside and the people eying me
see an opportunity for spare change
big business makes mad profits
i find that such a strange imbalance
insane challenge for folks to comprehend
so they pretend that the problem isn't there
stay unaware by choice
and in exchange for your voice
you get a trip to their house of stained glass
credit card for buying your gas
promotion in social class
wedding day they play 'At Last'
come home to white fence and green grass
little red corvette that you can drive fast around a corner
hoping that you won't crash
because the little red thing cost so much cash
it'd be a downright shame to turn it into trash
i find that a sad existence
therefore i commonly put up resistance
making it intense is key
basically i'm obsessive compulsive to that which i find repulsive
that which offends me
that which does harm and acts friendly or any other guise
messenger with devious eyes and a fresh new batch of his lies
abre los ojos you girls and guys
for the time has come to get wise to the facts
politicians ride our backs with a reckless abandon
gettin' money hand over fist
forget protecting our interest
all they know is politics of the business
we must act as recipient and witness at the same time
for this difficult climb


from The Weather Underground, released January 1, 2005
written/produced by Chief


all rights reserved



Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice Austin, Texas

Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice
:: mc : dj : producer : artist ::

A wordsmith with the heart of a poet and the head of a broadcast journalist. A DJ who is not afraid to venture outside of the norm. A producer with a different vocabulary of influences, and no fear whatsoever about embracing them. An artist searching for the link between the palette and the pixel. ... more

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