Transition Man

by Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice

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released August 11, 2015

all songs written and produced by Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice
album cover photography by Brooke Parsley



all rights reserved


Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice Austin, Texas

Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice
:: mc : dj : producer : artist ::

A wordsmith with the heart of a poet and the head of a broadcast journalist. A DJ who is not afraid to venture outside of the norm. A producer with a different vocabulary of influences, and no fear whatsoever about embracing them. An artist searching for the link between the palette and the pixel. ... more

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Track Name: New Zulu Zandu
i stay functional this juncture
soul got punctured
and flooded the vicinity
yes, i need a remedy
release me from the role
of my own worst enemy
send me an angel
i'm still working the angles
to untangle the timeline
shine a light on the points
i find divine
which keeps me inclined
to repeat the process
Fight Club type of emotional hostage
boxed in logic environment
for the exploration
is what i'm facing
when i get home
and i don't mind
watch me find the time
when i climb into the night
like a scramble suit
don the everyman boots in pursuit
of putting the fruits of my labor on paper
safer when i take it in
straight no chaser
that's the nature of living life
like some self-appointed type vindicator

it's the new zulu zandu, just for you!

the whole thing is an incantation
reverberation of unchained thought
locked in like hypnotic suggestion
there's no time to question
the vast selection of water
that's up for testing
sign me up for tesseract connections
tangible reflections all around me
to impact you and i so profoundly
it soundly sets in
music as both medicine and weapon
healing element
or a tool for celebration of our imperfections
acting as if it can't happen
trapped in a thought
that tapping in to the zen
might send you around the bend
cast from the ranks of ordinary men

it's the new zulu zandu, just for you!

prose therapy readily at hand
to arrive at a pace where i understand
my influence
intuitive and i give
my examination emancipation
letting it go 'cause i love it
Lonerism states i gotta be above it
right about now
when i realize ain't no wow
'cause they've all been put down
that's why i partake in
these Dead End Hip Hop conversations
to invigorate the sonic landscape
from its now catatonic state
Mercyful Fate for the meek
maybe i'll speak on their behalf
oh, you may laugh
'cause you did not do your math

it's the new zulu zandu, just for you!
Track Name: Chairs Missing
lately it seems the end
is where we begin
and then we pretend nothing happened previously
short term memory loss
at a cost they won't remember
repeater offensive, call it dimensia
growth is hindered
and then the culture is rendered useless
altered to falter
if not fail completely
damaging hands were the planning committee
they laid the grid for a throwaway city
where nobody needs a future
nobody misses the cloud of witness at all
generational overlap generated a gap
too big for a handoff to happen
old heads try to test limitations
new heads embrace innovations
two regimes with no dialogue in-between
no common ground it seems
'85 Marty McFly can't survive
when crossed over to the Biff Tannen timeline
worst case scenario design
living in a Barry Lyndon state of mind
bold and coldhearted
so it's best not to get me started
on our dearly departed art
outside benefactors of the journey
keep it up like Weekend At Bernie's
dead weight dragging dead weight
how does an expressionist keep his head straight
while observing that?
we were in love
but i was an eagle and you were a dove
this flight tonight leaves us uneven
one of us going where the other is leaving
one side is always waiting for the miracle to come
and the times keep fading
making ambiguous forms
all waiting for the moment to swarm

chairs missing
on your feet for this edition of our audition
casual demeanor
blessed with the best aspects
of a beautiful dreamer
that remain unchecked
nurture nature
keep the greater good overstood
the likelihood of upward development
is much more prevalent
when our connections are relevant
share common elements
nobody has to spell it out
'cause it's obviously evident
so we take suitable time
to acknowledge it while still viewable
my interest is always renewable
intense but always truthful
aging but always youthful
entangled but neutral
flawless flotsom
true definition of awesome
lost son of Gotham
born in the darkness that you adopted
that holds you hostage
Track Name: Iron Maiden Voyage
squeeze blood out of this granite pomegranate
that i planted in a past life
i dreamed up last night
jettison once the fever starts setting in
or taste my own medicine in heavy doses
my doctor's a proponent of calls
made from houses in motion
made a bad memory out of the remedy
write another elegy
for temporary clemency
self-pity won't hinder the great wind
i currently am caught up within the midst of
long time coming
but quicksand millennium arrived at last
and now life's a gas
impassed pleasure
full counter measure to a passe stance
like 'nothing last forever'
that's beautiful actually
because every single element matters to me

anybody playin' can take a voyage in the Iron Maiden

copacetic with the black market diabetics
i suppose we don't need roads where we're headed
spreading mad symbiopsychotaxiplasm
point out a stranger
and i'll hand him a list of Dead Random
demand memorization
little to no hesitation implied
it's the hyperbollicsyllabicsesquidailymystic
converting cats like catalytic
never been acquitted of the act
guilty until proven innocent, matter of fact
a complex beast that'll feed on blacks
just to make sure fat cats can stay in the black
Pac Man style attacking
double down mode when we start reacting
our protects serve us a battling faction
to stir up some ill interaction

anybody playin' can take a voyage in the Iron Maiden

wicked king wicker
practitioner of the silver bullet gun kata
so you become fodder automatically
repositioned radically
raindrops falling on our head like a tragedy
captors and casualties alike might listen
fact is, there's no division
hidden agendas concocted by some great pretenders
that assume that i might surrender
not that it matters
it seems broken spirits and shattered dreams
are the fuels that run these regimes
as they strive for maximum economy
so atrocities will pop up commonly and rapidly
you're a casualty
if you aren't in supreme control of your faculties
they may tackle me
but they'll never shackle me
think of me in terms of
a modern day Maccabee

anybody playin' can take a voyage in the Iron Maiden
Track Name: Money From Home
ever since my eyes were opened
i've been scoping the whole thing out
made observations
based on a multitude of situations
i've been placed in
i'll waste away in the ecstasy
of what matters to me, ultimately
nobody else will show it to me
so let's shoot the breeze in 360 degrees
like the wind in the trees
the House of Leaves
thieves have entered the temple again
but they pretend to be ordinary men
just to blend in
like Superman, multiplied
to take on the form of a clan
makes you wonder who could push the button
that turns love into nothing but nothingness
God bless that little child running wild
unrestrained, the way things oughta be
never felt like an oddity, honestly
but i pontificate then observe the response it creates
no debate the truth hurts
especially coming from experts
known to exert extra effort
the type that are in it for the sake of existence
the intense approach
never been separated from the need to write
like an unmedicated maniac
can recite the complex
put it in a unique context

cynical saint
minimal paint for this portrait
of dignified distortion
contort the sound
into something so profound
it can't help but keep you grounded
leave you different
past the moment of first encounter
draw my power from within
the midst of a source
i cannot resist

even with a broken mic
i can out transmit these prototypes
they're on Voltron
i'm like Ultron's third advancement
it's a foregone conclusion
my delusions of grander
force me to keep it candid
in the hopes that one day
everyone understands it
documenting the mind of a man in transit
the tracks that are left behind
define my so-called legacy
i want my poems
to feel like money from home
when they hit your dome
possibly a known unknown
to validate a cliche thrown
in the recent past
change dynamics of that analogy
quite radically

cynical saint
minimal paint for this portrait
of dignified distortion
contort the sound
into something so profound
it can't help but keep you grounded
leave you different
past the moment of first encounter
draw my power from within
the midst of a source
i cannot resist
Track Name: Skull Druggery
dig my random tandem existence
where i imprint both sides of the fence
so intense that i'm fully unaware of my intent
and when it's pointed out in an instant
i feel like a blindside victim
left for dead
lost in the thoughts in my head
seeing red like Crip cats with night terrors
pack rat taking ownership of the errors
feeling displaced from a bygone era
Slaughterhouse Five how i live my life
i've perfected being disconnected
point blank style while unprotected
tell the paramedics they can ride the bench
for the time being
i'm freeing myself from the human element
putting my elegant soul on display
until i waste away

skull druggery

needed a fix from asphyxiation
all hands against his own creation
imitation of a flattering lifelike
anonymous anomalous abomination
i'm pacing a safe radius
for examination
and the situation is sized up
the lesson i learned?
it's not gonna stop
and you better wise up
moments of disconnected possibility
explore humility innocently
like you might get framed
once the untamed are caged
by the powers that be
the game is over
is it a cycle or a line?
reset button or closing time?
either way i won't mind
none of those things define me
they can't find me

skull druggery

joking around with the choking victim
the whole conversation is open ended
the spirits are kindred
if they're breathless then i am winded
rendered useless
even when completely clued in
i'm confused as to why we're feuding
i walk a righteous path
my destinations are far away
from the wrath of the cloud of witness
i sit still and let intense thinking commence
well defensed
putting up a shield like Blanka
to help as i reach nirvana
in an uninterrupted fashion
make sure no third parties
can get their hands in
all of the hustles and angles get old
turn me loose from the teenage stranglehold

skull druggery
Track Name: Cornflower Blue
they go ooh and aah
for the Outlaw Star
that'll kick it like Kareem Abdul-Jabar
Moses supposes that he is frontline
in the War of the Roses erroneously
and they will never be free
an active captive
caught up in a jam like traffic
but highly adaptive
intuitive and other pretty adjectives
humbly accepts the damages
left in the wake of the steps taken
when bad is the direction
most folks are breaking
sleepers will awaken on occasion
ebbs and flows grow from desperate nations
even more so for those who aren't facing
the truth directly
as time keeps wasting
inmates in a prison of fate
create noise similar
to what the sinister make

focus on the mission:
validate the missing
the vessels that made the transition
hidden transmissions are picked up
preferably those from the vessels
that kicked up dust
the rust never sleeps mentality
Cult of Personality
with functionality like a factory
that's blood on the gears
Labor Days
for the unionized frontier luminaries
creators that'll carry the weight
such great heights will be the fate
initiated from the genesis
of limited expression
thought criminals
writing lyrical confessions
question anything authoritative
get more creative amongst the non-native
the most persuasive are the minds
that cannot be swayed
from the renegade path they've laid

cornflower blue tie
that would make it a Tuesday
but that isn't really relevant
it's a random referential element
included for the cultured and the intelligent types
the Tragically Hip don't let much slip by
sorta like satellite insight
we can visit flipside fantasia
like escapism can alienate ya
seems black and white
the slower we move
the faster we kiss the sky
we are all seeing eye ingredients
mediums of a collective resonance
unified to collide in a beautiful way
sort it out at the end of the day
collide in a beautiful way
and sort it out at the end of the day
Track Name: Indignation
Doctor Dawn has a whole new lexicon
that stretches far beyond
his sunshine arms
the limited reach means danger
is almost always imminent
a montage of heck
taking a gamble against a stacked deck
hoping you might catch
a bit of serendipitous wreck
innocent magnificence
temporarily boost the glow
Transition Man for those that don't know
i walk slow in the middle of the eye of the Evenflow
heel to toe
like a tightrope walker advances
taking chances to make the slightest progression
selective focus sets in
before you realize that you've applied it
pride comes out of its hibernation
to scope out the situation
a humble indignation arises
that won't make compromises
it needs fuel
and that's supplied by
the energy it takes one to turn a blind eye
regardless of scale
i've seen footage and heard the same tales
that they all tell
like the Sounds of Silence
indulging in the ultra-violence
like Clockwork Alex DeLarge is in charge
pray that the damage is only marginal
with his arsenal
because he thinks nothing's impossible
overly ambitious unstoppable object
that ignores all the logical context
artisan by occupation
worlds collide in a beautiful way
just like Melancholia
right here in front of all of ya
the feeling that someone's callin' ya
will likely follow ya
like a shadow can stay connected
check the method from the rejected specimen
more of that bad medicine
comes into question again
waiting for the day
when my picture's in the sky
sound the cannon
spirit landing in the spot
where i was standing
guess i'll break the tandem
once again it's the handsome phantom
sound the anthem
Track Name: Trope Of The Broken Spirit
trope of the broken spirit
engineered for crystal clarity
'cause apparently we've hit some severity level
that'll overtake us if we're not careful
it's a miracle that we're alive, dammit
reverse vanishing act
that'll impact the vacuous
those that'll mistake love for fractured lust
judgement errors are natural
breaking the habit's the radical part
Occam's Razor to raise you up
by knowing where to make those proper cuts
even if it makes a rift like Oculus
it's painfully obvious it's a must
for placement above that
prism of colors that nobody knows the names of
artificially intelligent dreamscapes
supply escapism
float between transmissions
stay divine inside the division
Doctor Sleep is shining
with Dr. Who's precision timing
Starchildren aligning
like automatic weapon fire
gun for hire

rapine' Rainman would probably be
the simple explanation of my brain scan
tangent actions
like my mind is comprised
by warring factions
never relaxin'
if i ended up hip-hop's Daniel Johnston
that'd be awesome
in pretty much every aspect
go to pieces
and document all the fragments
allow you open access
on some 'enjoy the madness'
i don't fake my give and take
even when it hits that breaking point
bend over backwards
when i lack words
which is absurd in its own right
this flight tonight will incite
the Black Dynamite in what i write
blowing up spots like I.E.D.s
doing this whenever i please
even though i'm a sycophant
to the divergent demographic
i know my magic is tragic
'cause i've outlasted each iteration
sad soul suffering illeteration

inclination for vindication
a product of my nation
Boba Fett holding Django's head in his hands
amidst the blood soaked sands
playing life as it lands
highs and lows i suppose
terabyte drive as a frontal lobe
stores these memories i'm unloading
stores the mysteries i'm decoding
storing the fragments of our eroding cornerstone
evidence when they try
to deny relevance of the elements
in the present-tense
like half-life protection
from insurrection of unadvanced
in search of an evolution
or some improvement
clued in to the misconstrued
and found shared agendas we've pursued
that sets the mood
indigo was the color that was imbued
synesthesia perceived as anesthesia
to play the role of pain reliever
turn sensations into ether
Track Name: disGraceland
Everyman's at it again
add it to the list of the many visitations
to disGraceland
if he's at home he's a tourist
in the purest since
so it shouldn't take much convincing
to stoke the flames of conviction
repetition of application
phase waves invade this charade
predestination will be delayed
if not thrown into all sorts of disarray
visceral dismay out for display
you with the stars in your eyes of Laura Mars
can see that the aura infringement is ours
hold on tight and you might get shifted
feeling gifted the way you've been lifted up so abruptly
separated from the depths
of a wholly perceptive nothing

animus anonymous
so many sadistic unrealistic infants
all putting up uniform resistance
to some backwards altruistic extreme
false purpose that's bursting at the seams
selfish with my self-protection
read every meaning in the vocal inflection
take it in the same context as content
rocking it something obnoxious
verbal diagnostics
from the technician of techniques
brotherhood of the breakbeats
back to the Epicenter for safety
strangers are testing lately
looking to bring out the best of the worst in me
personally i don't understand the circuitry
associated with the absurdity

my flat circle of time
where i find all the reason
manifested within the rhyme
looking as my ecosystem
gets systematic in drastic measures
this endeavor was a detour
that never made the original docket
so now we're lost in the midst of this
and locked in
mocked by a lack of options
we are the animals trapped
until the cage is full and the day is new
even in the darkest times
we enjoy the view
because that's what we have to do
most times that i get trapped
i become highly adaptive
the skillset's so massive
it's beautifully tragic
it's a suitable habit to deal with the havoc
Track Name: Rising Damp
saturated by all the rising damp
found in my foundation
setting up camp to amp up
for soul debasement

emulator mode to stimulate innovation
defibrillation to revive a dead nation
you could call it voodoo for vandals
getting a handle on the matters at hand
before we're handed a candlelight vigil
looking at the culture like an unsolved riddle
vice all around, and i'm caught in the middle
so i plot for a little
committal means it'll be a cold day in hell
before they break my shell
damaging cats with stamina
come apart like Trouble Man on these amateurs one time
witness the genesis of limitless
something was lost
but i wouldn't call it innocence
or anything similar
no présidence
no evidence that it even matters at the moment
still, like the homie Mnolo
i can realize magic
to thrive when the vibe gets tragic

saturated by all the rising damp
found in my foundation
setting up camp to amp up
for soul debasement

when i go to sleep
my dreams feel like Killer of Sheep
a cinematic glimpse at reality
at the base level that could seem like a fallacy
but it feels more like amnesty from agony
semi-permanent vacations
the never-ending search for some untapped rejuvenation
i stay immersed in the verse at all times
activity is seismic like fault lines
so prepare for some earthquake weather for a spell
go and find a mountain to tell it on
start a telethon
run a marathon, man
make your own exoskeleton
out of scrap metal and spare parts
i get lost in mastering the lost arts often
everybody's talkin' at me
and i don't hear a word they're saying'
and yet they weigh in
i casually listen
how can they know so long ago i made my decision
i would play my position like a boss at all cost
yo, the Cloud deserves my Sephiroth approach
casually cruel to those i find
actually foolish
for my entertainment
it's only coded if you don't speak the language
act like you know was always the arrangement
amazed by the strangest of famous dangers
drawn like a moth to a flame
feeling like sunday morning could be every day
for all i care
'cause i'm not scared
rain is for the just and unjust alike, right?
gotta roll with it like Excitebike
the thoughts in my mind remind me
of hydroplaning towards your insight

saturated by all the rising damp
found in my foundation
setting up camp to amp up
for soul debasement