The Weather Underground

by Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice

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"The Weather Underground" symbolizes a step towards creative control for Chief. A self produced work, this album is the first true look at Chief as an artist and an individual.


released January 1, 2005

recorded by Hunter St. Marie at Homegrown Studios (San Marcos, TX)



all rights reserved


Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice Austin, Texas

Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice
:: mc : dj : producer : artist ::

A wordsmith with the heart of a poet and the head of a broadcast journalist. A DJ who is not afraid to venture outside of the norm. A producer with a different vocabulary of influences, and no fear whatsoever about embracing them. An artist searching for the link between the palette and the pixel. ... more

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Track Name: Calling Card
soon i'll pay for the darkness that i've slipped into
without you within you
as i began to demonstrate for the umpteenth time
how to lace folks with meaningful rhyme
this one i craft shall be personalized
for the atypical type girls and guys
those who don't get hung up on the everyday lies created
just to be paraded as an opiate for the masses
sedated society where the big fish swim quietly amongst themselves
knowing they'll thrive off the chosen few
and the other 85 who don't have a clue
dust in the wind
slept and were swept away once again
coming to grips with the fact we are children of men
in these last days for always

i alone control my destiny
and i will never let another get the best of me

the pawn they promoted to king
simply for the way that i get down and do my thing
no feelings
no ceilings
none of the suspect or dirty dealings
i've been doing this too long to manifest at the moment of truth
and be set up wrong
if you want the party rocked all night long
then there are several different ways i amaze
the calling card clearly displays i have triple threat status
with any hip-hop apparatus
paid mad dues
if you took a walk in my shoes
you could clue into the psyche slightly
never been the type to take my words lightly
despite the fact that i'm refreshed nightly with innervision
decisions to make
original man in a subliminal state

i alone control my destiny
and i will never let another get the best of me

i am reality behind the illusion
beacon of light in confusion
using much more of my brain than any simpleton can
guaranteed ace in the hole
a mystery man
i know my history and i've seen too much repeated
and not enough deleted
hip-hop will be defeated by either suicide or euthanasia
not a label that's major
each social class has a representative in this legion of masses
excluding those who are plastic
snap like human elastic
Chief MC : a modern day classic
the diplomat kid
slid through the ranks then stopped like Tiananmen tanks
to give thanks to listeners
and those in a similar position
faced with a similar decision

i alone control my destiny
and i will never let another get the best of me
Track Name: True Believer
keep all your eyes open and i'll keep hoping
that you and i might witness lovelight for a moment
own it
keep it like a secret that we once told one another in passing
this is my passion
and it was fashioned from well meaning intentions
inventions that may not be made out of necessity
motherless children ready and willing to sacrifice
lay it all on the line
i love life and there's only one kind worth living
left to my own devices
i could be the true definition of niceness
cool in these times of crisis
thousand yard stare receiver
a true believer
check out my unconditional original composition
about loving the individual for all time

are your eyes still open?
i'm still hoping for a chance
opportunity to advance and receive balance
A alike B alike is how we'll be alike
on some old 'wouldn't it be nice if we were older?'
wouldn't it be nice if we didn't have this weight to shoulder?
another loss and my heart turns colder
could it be the reason that i front?
wrap up my problems in a blunt?
watch it dissipate?
recognize my moment of truth and hesitate?
i recognize the fact these thoughts can resonate
in ways i couldn't even imagine
it could even happen to you
it's no anomaly
people are talking and it pops up commonly in conversation
read between the lines
or better yet listen
and you'll hear it every time

the black saint and the sinner lady
maybe got a little too close for comfort
and started to wonder what would happen if we're strapping in together
maybe we could weather the storm
perhaps perform a small miracle
spherical relation
full circle in suspended animation
it was my imagination running away without me
'cause it doesn't care about me
maybe it teaches me i stand too proudly
that i should allow things to flow and then go with it
forget about cool calculations
micromanaging every single situation
the sound of live alliteration
history in repetition simple as long division
that's why it never works out in the head
and chooses other means instead
mostly time
Track Name: Pay The Man
my friend sits by the drum
i grab the mic device and i cold get dume
no resistance
dig the polar opposites rocking it and chalking up another victory
dig the rap cats building the mystery
personally hand picked to make history out of realness
ordinary man feels us because
it's actually natural the way we're impacting you
back on my avenue back in the day
we were known to bust raps of a vivid array in a vicious display
the way that we rocked it was top notch
symbolic of the way we were living
chances we were given in the face of where we'd been placed in society
some folks lied to me
said get yourself a college degree
and assimilate quietly
a chosen few told me do what you do
and no matter what happens we'll support you
and the choices you make
chances you take
cages you shake
and events that ensue in the wake of you taking a stance
dance with the opposition
try to better your condition
after all, that's what life's all about
movement without regret, without doubt

pay the man what?
pay the man respect

hit with solid are full blast off guard
hard enough to knock me off balance
here's another strange challenge
besides living in a whirlwind existence
and managing your sanity avidly
life nowadays is overrun with 'reality' in quotations
and manufactured situations
i remember when i used to choose my own adventure as a principle
i choose invisible man
because i can't stand to be seen in this obscene plan laid
where we've all said we've got it made
but we've only been played for the gullible one
since dollars and cents make you controllable ones
fortunate sons
but it ain't me so i must be the rule exception
no doubt, no question
listening when they taught the lesson
always be true
and always do you

pay the man what?
pay the man respect

we could sit down and fantasize all day
but when you open your eyes life gets in the way
of your tunnelvision
forcing you to advance with caution
and second guess every single option
that's why we constantly find ourselves
lost in-between reality and our mind
in some interesting kind of charade
a pity parade with a cast of thousands
all trapped in public housing
stacked like bricks
looking for an escape or some quick fix from these predicaments
less than zero individuals have no need for heroes
the people united cannot be defeated
separation keeps administration seated at the top
if the bad apple won't drop
then chop down the tree with heavy artilery

pay the man what?
pay the man respect
Track Name: Mission Of Madness
the phony tough and crazy brave have aligned
and the music that they make drives me out of my mind
every time that my ears are subjected
Big Brother's torture device that is aiming to slice reality
from its firm grip on my mentality
my arms aren't strong enough to cover my ears from the years of abuse
so what's the use in complaining about the monster we produced?
down on the street it's loose and runs rampant
then with such ease we planted the seeds of illusion
and it's grown into a problem of great magnitude
and no way of resolving
spun out of control
lost soul with a heavy agenda
great pretender meet the populous
dead set on stopping this forward progression of the ones
who receive the oppression and abuse
i don't see the use in complaining
if the name calling and the finger pointing is remaining
closed minds training one another for a battle of attrition
a friendly fire based mission of madness
closing out a decade of sadness
the emperor's new clothes cut off his access to rational thought
his mind and spine are a yellow streak
disguised as a hardline

hand over fist
top name on a VIP blacklist 'cause i study their tactics
i don't need my news delivered by actors
i don't need war with private benefactors
it used to mobilize a nation
now all it does is add to the workingman's frustration
echoes of a bygone era
communism has a little brother
that the world calls terror at the moment
-ism's the main component
they stomp on the world like they own it
i wish i wasn't in the path
because when the nunchucks we're all gonna face the wrath
statues crumble for me like McGrath in a sense
nothing is spared at my expense
funny this is i see no benefits
not even fringes before my door busts off the hinges
the world can't wait
they'll scoop us all up and it'll be too late to circulate our opinion
number one amendment benefit to so called American living
if you don't hide you are driven to the side
of course this type will use force to collide with the opposition
they don't have time to listen
business comes first on this simple mission
Track Name: Remains Untitled
to my man JP, God bless your life
to my San Marcos people, God bless your life

living on the edge of the knife is a difficult task
an insane thing to ask
when it feels like i'm sowing but i'm not reaping
feels like i'm dreaming but i'm not sleeping
lines got crossed and our civil liberties got tossed to the side like trash
endless amounts of cash to pour into conflict that we created
consciously aided and abetted
put a face on the whole thing
so that when he was beheaded you would easily forget it
i remember when i read 1984
it seemed like a forecast of what was in store for the simple man
in the form of information oversaturation all across the nation
check out the ill situations
as they're paraded across the news stations

seems likely that i might be
a combination of Spike Lee and David Icke
do the right thing with both sides of the brain
arrange new ways to calculate loose change
add it up to make sense of present tense in relation to the past
shine in the shadows cast over the unknown
and i'll never have to learn how to operate with my mind blown
some of us are show the way
given chances to own the day
escape from the evil eye and its sway
be that as it may
all are obligated to pay like they weigh
time for me to stray from the pack
fully intact
locked, loaded and ready for attack
leader of the nonchalant pack
hand on the curtain and i'm hurting to pull it back

people claim to be complex
but are not military industrial
which sucks for you
because all around us you find clues and evidence
Drake Equation
the Schuman Resonance
Patriot Act
introduction of crack and heroin to quell revolution
the Final Solution
SDS, hell no, we won't go
direct action
war propaganda
the Fifth of November
the Days of Rage
and Black September
triangular trade was how money was made
but now bullets are sprayed
and everybody gets paid on Capitol Hill
things are unreal
and the time hasn't even come yet to reveal the real beneficiary
these times are scary when you connect the dots
and point light in spots where a shadow was cast
you and the men who were hiding butt heads
and worlds start colliding
nowadays dissenters turn up missing
instead of being found dead or locking in prison
same song with a brand new sound
and it's broadcast live from The Weather Underground
Track Name: Intellectual Eyes
i take a deep breath
and i have now left this plane of existence more than symbolically
something out of my reach keeps calling me
i can't see it through the haze of the days that i burn away
wrecking life
and spectators can't turn away from the show i provide
no use running 'cause there's nowhere to hide
high so i can make the right fall from my calling
checking in once again
from the mindstate i'm stepping in every once in a while
i quote unquote keep the high profile
for the sake of my sanity
speaking without hints of vanity
i never planned to be an advocate of any kind
so don't place the blind behind me
walking talking irony
the sick twist
who is quick to dismiss the dumb with the wave of a hand
like an aristocrat without the money
'cause i find it funny later on when The Word is intellectualizing
rhymes must be hot 'cause smoke keeps rising
the third time's a charm
we could seal the deal and intellectualize on the real
on the real
intellectualize on the real

we could be the catalyst
analyze our own existence
and choose where to put up resistance where we want to
but somehow stuff becomes you
instead of us becoming declarations of that
which we choose to be about
or what we represent
creatures of havit in our chosen element
do we even have to spell it out?
things are not what human beings should ever worry about
those very things are distractions to actions
that some would quite simply find astounding
events so resounding they couldn't be ignored
but the powers that be choose not to report it
when did my right to information get afforded
to another individual with spiteful interpretation
minority view
in their eyes the big picture's of no concern to you
i'd rather form my own opinion of the situation that i'm living in
shape my character thusly
put it to a beat so my weapon isn't rusty
put it in your hands
say thank you, and trust me
the after effects i wanna witness
shockwaves due to awareness are tremendous
one case where size does matter
bigger illusion, more glass shattered
i might become tattered, torn and frayed
but i'll always get mine and will never be afraid to take a next step
because i'll never walk alone
me, myself and my microphone are set to make it happen
so let's seal the deal and intellectualize on the real
on the real
intellectualize on the real
Track Name: High Noon
once again i'm asking how can i express
let alone posses in the midst of unrest and insanity
posing for the cameras candidly
all the time planning my tragic epilogue
critical review you can sing along to
the author of that tune walks among you without recognition
like a shadow of a shadow
hallow being
a madman sight-seeing for kicks
somewhere between a quick fix and an everlasting gaze
is where i spend my days
at times i amaze myself with my innocence
evidence of a sentiment that convinces me
living otherwise is covering my eyes for no reason i can see
other than self-demise
filing experiences where i see fit to
self-doubt is how they get you

taking glamour shots on top of paper moons
as i eclipse the son at the stroke of high noon

here's a paper thin apology for my actions
if they weren't see-through how can i see you in such light?
this barrier should be barely visible
and easily dismissible if need be
i need the feeling that somebody out there needs me
like i need a hole in the head
like i need my soul to be led by its proverbial hand
into the land of analyzed confusion
illusion of a chase
stuck in a self-imposed case of he's gotta have it
walking bad habit
anything my little heart desires
i fire off rapid
check that, i fire off vapidly
blank space
same face that i made on the day that i met you
that i let you invade me
persuade me against my will to get lost in the way that i feel

taking glamour shots on top of paper moons
as i eclipse the son at the stroke of high noon

one day soon
when all that is now
all that is gone
all that is come
and everything under the sun is in tune
but then the sun is eclipsed by the moon
those that are wise will not be surprised
they shall be aware and we will all stare as one
until the course of events has been run
and that light comes back to shine on everyone
hopefully i'm blinded so that i'm reminded
that looking for love makes it harder to find it
especially when it weighs on you so heavily
that you have to make adjustments to walk steadily
words readily prepared can't cut it
when your mind gets flooded with a simple and redundant thought
here in this particular spot
we can see what we've been doing with the time that we've got

taking glamour shots on top of paper moons
as i eclipse the son at the stroke of high noon
Track Name: Head Above Water
the back of the page is my new domain
because one sheet can no longer handle the strain
of the burden that i displace
the worry and the disgrace
the embarrassing distaste left behind
it drove me out of my mind to find hip-hop love was the choking kind
the all up in your face joking kind
the words better left unspoken kind
soaking my lines in sarcasm
hurl 'em like javelins without a care to where it's traveling
i figure wherever they land
is where The Word Association will be in demand
we've got more rhymes than there's grains of sand
and we all dig playing in a traveling band
backhand a rapper if his show is bland just because we can
but understand we don't wanna spread violence
that's not the plan
we wanna build with other crews and expand
like a fat man's waist band on Thanksgiving
Robert Altman type props is how i'm living
copycat rappers get cut like ribbons
half day closing without Beth Gibbons
fibbing about your bank account amount won't impress me
let's see you get debt free
when the bottom drops from out the music industry
and your GED won't get a j-o-b
since you spelled quick without the 'c' on a standardized test
people have suffered for much less
everyone's trying their best to be head above water
and be in the black next quarter just to get by
and i mean bare necessities
everyone hopes would be readily available in our stable society
but i step outside and the people eying me
see an opportunity for spare change
big business makes mad profits
i find that such a strange imbalance
insane challenge for folks to comprehend
so they pretend that the problem isn't there
stay unaware by choice
and in exchange for your voice
you get a trip to their house of stained glass
credit card for buying your gas
promotion in social class
wedding day they play 'At Last'
come home to white fence and green grass
little red corvette that you can drive fast around a corner
hoping that you won't crash
because the little red thing cost so much cash
it'd be a downright shame to turn it into trash
i find that a sad existence
therefore i commonly put up resistance
making it intense is key
basically i'm obsessive compulsive to that which i find repulsive
that which offends me
that which does harm and acts friendly or any other guise
messenger with devious eyes and a fresh new batch of his lies
abre los ojos you girls and guys
for the time has come to get wise to the facts
politicians ride our backs with a reckless abandon
gettin' money hand over fist
forget protecting our interest
all they know is politics of the business
we must act as recipient and witness at the same time
for this difficult climb
Track Name: One Man Army
built to last
blasting reality in all directions
imperfection corrected
hand selected
subjected to rigorous tests
blessed with approval
upgraded methods of mc removal
similar to those from previous prose
coming out something like 400 Blows
easy to spot among the average joes
in proper surroundingshis abilities
are astounding enough to have your heart pounding in overtime
get your cardiac arrested by digging too deep in the rhyme
people say he's out of his mind
instead of maybe being wrapped up in his own head
some don't listen
they'll keep missing the point of why i've taken on this mission

if i was an army of one
i could still guarantee to my people the job would get done

i stand on a mountain
and i let intellect spill like a fountain of youth
when folks act for the proof of the fact that
a latter day prophet cat's got it like that
all i can say is take a look at the limitless way
we hit you with a vivid array on the regular
set your watch type action
pure audio-visual satisfaction
track's got me so high i might drop
like i'm full of sour diesel on a Brooklyn rooftop
out of body experience explains
how i symbolically removed my own chains that weighed me down
keeping me from doing what i have to do
before they lay me down
suckers won't make a sound
dig 'em all pleading the fifth while i'm shooting the gift
smooth criminal with a penchant for catching subliminal wreck
i play the balance to the check
yin to the yang
regardless of the state of affairs
i'm'a do my thing
strong enough to lift every voice and sing
ripper with the r-attack plan on the wing
walk with a purpose
back catalog of verses i use in my search to find ground
solid ground
beautiful ground
following a path similar to falling down
long day's journey into night right in front of your eyes
to quell false claims and alibis

if i was an army of one
i could still guarantee to my people the job would get done

death to the facist insect that feeds
on the common individual whenever he bleeds
in between the lines it reads
'our needs will be secondary until we're revolutionary'
opinions may vary but it's crystal clear
that we're falling deeper into the trap each year
running up the slippery slope with a handful of rope
working with a hope and a prayer
one more chance to use my thousand yard stare
i saw it coming
i stopped running
if i stand my ground i'll take the brunt of the blow
possibly throw it off track
i know my iron skin will stay intact
that's original fact no matter how the cards are stacked against me
jealous ones envy the composure of this winter soldier

if i was an army of one
i could still guarantee to my people the job would get done
Track Name: Take It All Back (feat. Muggzy Flowz)
as i interrupt your function
this is a Chief production
made in conjunction with Muggzy
people bug me with the question
'how is it you keep you competition second guessing at all times?'
every rhyme's unique
so we can't get a handle on the words you speak
The Word Association's classification
is classical slash radical grammatical terrorism
the full prism
a healthy dosage of knowledge and wisdom
there's a 10% that's planning to run things
without the authority of the majority
my priority now is educate the masses
and maybe over time we can climb out the trap
thoughts overlap and a pattern emerges
that's when the crew surges into action

get up, stand up, put a hand up
stick with me and we'll stick the man up
let's take it all back
the wool's been pulled too long and i ain't having that

most emcees spit fractions of fiction
i spit the facts with conviction
and intentions of damaging the foundations
where think tanks conjure up situations to make folks frantic
brave new tactics the top brass use
are at best gigantic insults to anyone with ears
apparently we won't take that after a number of years
and an election
which begs the question i'm asking
how is it that these greedy men stole our passion?
i can't believe i'm seeing the things i read about in fiction
placed in my jurisdiction
what's that?
they force fact into reality so deep they can't take it back
not that they could if they would
they rep us but wouldn't step foot in our neighborhood
short of looking down the barrel of a gun
why be mad?
that's just the way that things are done
now's a good time to tell your daughter or son
that a corporation is an illusion of one
illegal business controls America
cash rules everything around our hysteria
seems like before the government would take care of you
they'd bury you alive
and that's no jive

get up, stand up, put a hand up
stick with me and we'll stick the man up
let's take it all back
the wool's been pulled too long and i ain't having that

[ guest verse by Muggzy Flowz ]

get up, stand up, put a hand up
stick with me and we'll stick the man up
let's take it all back
the wool's been pulled too long and i ain't having that
Track Name: False Memories
looking through the eye of the needle
repairing my past life
i discovered false memories of real people
i took a minute with that
let it sink in and i got to thinking about time
and this search that i'm on for some peace of mind
seems like i'm finding anything but
square peg cut
hopelessly lost in this round type rut
listened to the whispering wind
and things begin to make sense to me once again
let me sit you down my friend
though i truly cannot explain these thoughts running through my brain
why would people feed off pain?
suffering for sanity with nothing to gain
getting hung up on one moment seems so strange
when the world's way just dictates change
witnessing the growth from a seed to a tree
is relative to that of rapper to emcee in the grand scheme
a blink of the all seeing eye
quickly running out of tears to cry
baby keep your head to the sky
and eventually you'll get by
sorta like the boy who could fly
done without wings or strings
medical assistance, chains or rings

looking through the eye of the needle
repairing my past life
i discovered false memories of real people
i took a minute with that
let it sink in and i got to thinking about love
how we get it from above in abundance
yet we find a lack thereof as we walk daily
so i order my steps in Coltrane directions
meditations on a love supreme
dreaming that i see reality
right behind the eyes of another
and we think a similar thought before we blink
so it sinks in
right where it all happens by instinct
because i've buried my actions is thought long enough
crying about how time's tough
and how everyday's so hard
'cause i seem to rush through the best parts
in a hurry to the finishing line
the winner who is standing in alone
creator of his own demise
and in his eyes
i can see that he realizes it couldn't be anyone's fault but his own
that's a choice we make
a journey we take to reach some point that's down the line
maybe we can find another path to create double lines
tracks to the end divine

looking through the eye of the needle
repairing my past life
i discovered false memories of real people
i took a minute with that
let it sink in and i got to thinking about life
and the way we all live it
how we get livid and refuse to forgive it when it turns vivid
when it turns back into itself
so we get tripped, get flipped for real
most people call me Chief and it's my belief
each one of us was given a brief amount of time to shine
in attempts to find peace of mind
release the blind from the wicked design
that we refer to as captivity
maybe i could stimulate some brain activity in my day
so i say why not?
it's all that i've got to live for
so i give more than the average man can
stand on my own two
living proof that no man can own you
every 9 to 5 is a mission that keeps you hoping and wishing
take a good look at yourself in the mirror each night
and you might just get a clear view
that only you can do you
so be true to yourself automatic while you endure static

looking through the eye of the needle
repairing my past life
i discovered false memories of real people
i took a minute with that
let it sink in and i got to thinking about...
Track Name: Simple And Plain
like Coke La Rock slash Doc Spock
original intellect infinite
interjecting my thoughts in the proceedings
weeding out process so complex that i can't explain
i just follow the directions
sorta like take two and swallow
fucky dialect projected as China Syndrome
with a touch of Placebo Effect
the live wires connect to wreak havoc
on any sound system from the Earth planet
big business upset they can't can it
got 'em all saying damn it, like Janet
rap is still out of control
and we never did find that culprit that stole the soul
the one who played the loophole
managed to take advantage and it took its toll
mechanical man with a master plan
to change brain sizes into grains of sand
gaining control with the wave of a hand
leaving suckers frozen where they stand
i've been blessed with the moves so smooth they define finesse
by the sixth breath my decision is made
and the seventh is released when the scenario's played
in the shortest matter of moments i collect notches on the belt
from the number of defeated opponents in the wake
APB on the Chief MC for a wack rapper's sake
crews that have never paid dues
can't use The Word to advance, why take a chance?
all of these fools with their foolish plans
oughta spend time finding a stone to romance
then they could claim they rock for the love
ushering the culture along with kid gloves to an early demise
videotaping sex and lies for the children's eyes
then we wonder why kids grow up fast in the head
but their hearts aren't built to last
easily forget the past
and then do the same old thing with a different name
sadly i realize how easily connected
someone like Rochester or Steppin Fetchit
is to Rich Boy
Amos and Andy or Joc and Jeezy in a SLAB with candy paint
thousands died for our voice
too many of us made the wrong choice
i will not wait in vain
i will take my voice back
simple and plain