Slight Return

by Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice

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released May 27, 2014

written and produced by Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice

cover photography/design by Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice

recorded and mixed at The Epicenter
additional recording courtesy of anom and the Roar Shack



all rights reserved


Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice Austin, Texas

Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice
:: mc : dj : producer : artist ::

A wordsmith with the heart of a poet and the head of a broadcast journalist. A DJ who is not afraid to venture outside of the norm. A producer with a different vocabulary of influences, and no fear whatsoever about embracing them. An artist searching for the link between the palette and the pixel. ... more

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Track Name: Those Were The Daze
they call me the seeker
i've been searching high and low
for a week or so
looking for a golden glow
push it along past mood indigo
what do you do when you get tangled up in blue?
some folks adjust the hue
giving the masses rose colored glasses
and let them take part too
search for the specter in the spectrum
genuine article or a projection?
i observe silently
and i leave the judgement i find
in the back of my mind
not used but not forgotten
it's immunity for the toxin
giving me the proper time
it would take me
to ease my mind
and find a new option
lots of irons, so many fires
clock management until the time expires
utter this list of sacred names
and maybe rekindle the flames
next time around
now you're trapped in an infinite victory lap
so vivid you might as well live it on 11
knowing you know no limit

unlock the door
and I say welcome home
to nobody in particular
God's lonely man needs a listener
so much love to administer
i'm the source material
this well will never run dry
that's despite this isolation
that defies logic
it's a guaranteed promise of improvement
embrace upward movement
while in the midst of a downward spiral
so many years ago I recognized
my love is much more than rank and file
laid out continuous style
i guess it'd stretch just about
a moonlight mile
right down the road
so let's skip the mode
that includes the secret codes
up front we set the rules
the chase won't pause
and cannot conclude
nobody move, nobody get hurt
never wanna be an expert on that
nothing to lose leaves no room for gains
stuck with all of these chains and thangs
like the Ghost of Christmas Past
living in some derivative typecast reality
Track Name: SEVENofNINE, or Hand Grenades
no great pretender
can manufacture the genuine
intervention the populous finds
of a divine nature
patterns that shine Bryter Layter
North Star guidance
to alleviate the need for hiding
but probably it'll be alright
if i keep it locked up tight
throughout the night
until morning comes
with all of its glory in tow
baggage that can manage
to help the folks grow
that refuse to let go of
that self-imposed anchor mentality
gradually missing life actually
stranded in a fantasy land
that they planned out
stand out of reach whenever
you put a hand out
i am not Mr. Fantastic
so it isn't that drastic
that i can't save you
basically i'll play through
because my chemistry states
if i stand still
it puts us at jeopardy

when they hung me out to dry
i proved that i'll fly away towards glory
and rewrite my story
in multiple perspectives at the same time
first and third person conversation
held in a divine tongue
sung to the listening wind
because it listened before
so I know that it'll listen again
and it never has an agenda
or never runs game like Ender
or says return to sender
nothing but a healthy convection
plugged in without an objection
and feeling like an astral projection
manifested in the flesh
protection of a suggestion
phantoms with futuristic data
for a complex matter
that we declassified with pride
those who are truly alive
have nothing to hide
so watch destiny and i collide

yes it is true that i am ballistic
one false move means
it's into the mystic
when in the blast radius
not suicide 'cause it's not painless
even if you're classified as brainless
hopeless as a penny with a hole in it
and holing it to emulate
a puppet on a string
schizophrenic personality
makes a one man wing man fantasy
more than a reality
maybe something like a lucid dream come true
more parallax blues
for the parallax view
i could never sacrifice
dignity for destiny
some suckers try to test me
like standardized
forcing me to focus with these wandering eyes
recognizing all the foreign elements and lies
with strange mercy and familiarity
detonate as i embrace the solidarity
Track Name: Active Agression [featuring Brother Wolf]
when the bark is worse than the bite
the wild animals bark throughout the night
for safety, like an invisible bubble
digital net to alert them of trouble
dominant mammals are permanent threats
any other being is trying to circumvent my space
is the mindframe
target acquisition in a minimal timeframe
winning the mindgame the losers play
closest they get to a win
is anytime they can drag you in
competitive quicksand
is how i see the lay of the land
and it's out of hand
that's a collective fumble
in conjunction with a synchronized stumble upon
this epic collective fail
of unknown proportion
which feeds distortion

there is an electric energy
that connects us
that some are not aware of
therefore active agression
means the masses lash out
at what they're scared of

the darkness exceeds the night
shadows extend
forcing us to defend the light once again
with our band of misfits
bottleneck maneuver
on this army of infants
something reminiscent of the Blitzkrieg Bop
shoot'em in the back now
and they still won't stop
what they want, they don't know
but they're all revved up
and rearing to go
some days life feels like
conflict resolution that draws no conclusions
and I wish I could enjoy the silence
but folks feed off tense, i'm convinced
not much makes sense nowadays
but i won't succumb to these wicked ways
as they all play out
spraying out obstacles
separating you from your goals

there is an electric energy
that connects us
that some are not aware of
therefore active agression
means the masses lash out
at what they're scared of

[ guest verse by Brother Wolf ]

there is an electric energy
that connects us
that some are not aware of
therefore active agression
means the masses lash out
at what they're scared of
Track Name: Three Women (St. Umble) [inspired by the spirit of Suzanna Choffel]
blue sky warning this morning
we'll be neighbors in flight
if it stays blue tonight
baby we were born to make tracks
until we are running on fumes
and the madness consumes us all
we could be the last objects to fall
help each other stall the outcome
so comfortably numb around you
staring at our compound abstract view
it's almost as beautiful as you are
my favorite star
shining bright on a love bizarre
i can radiate in that illumination
half of that good combination equation
there are times i am the leaf
and then there are times
i am the wind that bends direction
we could switch sides again and again
or play one role throughout dimensions

you and i should party at ground zero tonight
bring your Deus Ex Machina
if it's alright with you
we'll use it to converse with a chosen few
clues get gathered and examined
we dance amongst the strange patterns
in a freeform manner
like nothing else matters
puppets on strings
tangled amongst ourselves
and the moment
amongst other things
human evidence of harmonic resonance
waves of sound bounce off the edifice
that was manifested like inception
from the moment of our connection
without question
call it headquarters for the heist
we'll pull on the Zeitgeist
we won't think twice about it
our elements were combined
to influence the collective mind
and realign the objective

these two are silent partners
soul caliber collaborators
creators of their own existence
like persistence in motion
healers with a mix of remedies and potions
we communicate solely
among a range of mystical tones
and make no bones about it
lonesome heroes with less than zero
but not negative
it's all relative
we are artisans disguised as partisans
trapped inside a matrix of charlatans
like Mr. Overseas, we carry on regardless
so the legacy won't tarnish
harness the energy
on some wild hearts can't be broken
or damaged in any other fashion
indicative of everlasting passionate
spiritually solid manufacturing
Track Name: Million Dollar Dream (in two parts)
just handcrafted myself this platinum soapbox
time to get obnoxious
go unconscious
be the receiver for a new transmission
that's aimed at non believers
I am Serenity's reavers
artificial peace created a Grim Reaper
too many cooks in the kitchen
every aspect can't be competition
maximize comprehension
with third eye exercises
to help pay close attention
dig the details of this deception
inception complexion
true nature revealed
the powers that be will use me
as a human shield
possibly target practice
random outcome for random access tactics
we make maps to navigate the hapless
but callous as a blank canvas i am
the poison pen will separate
the boys from men yet again
tend to the tenuous business
of uplifting the listless
placing the inspiration
right in the middle of the desolation
four horseman type domination occurs
let me focus the blurs
show what the truth inside you prefers
suckers observe as i emerge
from the murky depths of anything that's left behind
resigned to a much maligned state of mind
selling cruel to be kind
do me a personal favor
boil me in snake oil
unwind this mortal coil
it's my burden to carry or possibly abandon
am i the ship or the captain?
either way i'm trapped
in the middle of seismic action
walk on the water if i gain traction
the noise enhances the silent assassin
by being so enchanting
i can hardly fathom the passion
little girl psychotic reaction
we can count five before we dive in
nobody here is hiding or backsliding
you have to ride the wave
do it like castaways
slight return from when they tried to phase me out
don't understand that the whole idea
was the scenic route

blowing minds like Alderon
DoomsdayDevice meets the Black Cauldron
another beyonder
seeking refuge on the fringe
thinking on premeditated revenge
fixation, one track minds
that never converge
like some parallel lines
middle ground that remains undefined
isolationists in need of a cosign
more of that divine design utilized
but it's being neutralized
by the unwise and the uninitiated
and whoever else gets lumped in
gang where nobody's been jumped in
in the midst of fanaticism
i function much higher
than standard operating procedure
scarecrow sitting in for the sandman
here to hand out doses of selective amnesia
withhold the anesthesia
i'm an expert at letting the hurt in
me and disaster have been flirting for ages
we get a kick out of the hell it raises
hold me like a Million Dollar Dream
lights out makes the redemption extreme
try to take in the full awakening
these boots weren't made for shaking in
they match the radiant soul
that is opposite that of Eddie Arcadian
or any other nemesis
whatever adjective you name the hindrance
contempt and familiarity
always seem to connect like Station
with intentions of spiritual invasion
now I sound conspiratorial
in my seriously sincere editorial
maybe I mixed up
my self-motivation and self-medication meters
permanent alteration of my whole demeanor
lost in ether
some folks say it's clear
that i'm losing atmosphere
as they stare like animals
never mind the fact that shaking my hand
is a chance to touch the intangible
handling the back channels
make end to end burners out of tracks like vandals
dismantle any allusions
because real talk is the only type talk i'm using
it's not confusing i'm fluent
student of the mass influence
here's my two cents to improve the movement
show that my newspeak is the truest
Track Name: Creation of a Rainmaker
full metal alchemic
lays hands on the world to cure pandemics
in between shows
sil glows when my digits enter into it
the fire inside is like fluid
that is made to keep us all alive
the cornerstone kid
in the midst of a lifetime bid
spectators gather around just to watch me
sing while i'm winning
more than Curt Henning
spinning in the throws
any which way the wind blows
i goes along
serendipitous is a must to adjust to the thrust
gravity protects me
from turning into stardust memories
scattered energy
lost in the infinity of it all
grab a mask from the ancient gallery
and walk down the hall
in the wrong direction
you could find me in the hectic section
where i get statuesque to avoid detection
hyper observant yet wholly uncertain
triangulate for life
still working the angles
count on me to be consistent
even entangled i am not resistant
if i seem distant
it's just the concentration
on my vertical integration

the painstaking creation of a rainmaker

situational isolation
seems to be easing in
just as slick as it can
time to enjoy an ode
to the melody of the modern man
here i stand alone
i can see for miles
and i must close my eyes
they tried to hide the guise
like an optical illusion used
to confuse the nuisance
the hangmen make new nooses in preparation
it takes a nation of millions
to cut us some slack
meanwhile they stack the odds
like Spartans with Persian corpses
and we must absorb that remorseless gesture
smile and nod
while they have the nerve to get mad
that we're not applauding
if i wasn't yawning i might put my arms together
to express pleasure in their endeavors
but i'm not faux
even with foes involved
as a young man, my riddle got solved
i chose to let go
everything from that day on
was an echo
there is no hesitation
when predestination is what you're facing
like a reflection
the most inescapable of all connections we make
spiritual intake

the painstaking creation of a rainmaker

double helix Phoenix arises
the code i noticed
was full of surprises
like the architect made compromises
settled for less
my reality is existence
right in the crux of a collative flux
mass inundation of the raw deluxe
this is a swan song to all of my comrades
who had a last breath
face down in the muck
i say goodnight and good luck
tuck myself in
and begin on the decompression
testing the waters
feeling surreal when reality feels like no quarter
the rhymes are executive orders
DoomsdayDevice to conceal the crisis
here's the prestige
bringing you back what you needed
and didn't yet know it
poetic justice
for lack of a better term
sequential cliches that i must unlearn
bury the experience
everything else must burn
when it gets all consuming
we must stay human
open the receptors as if you're 'shrooming
beautiful hues are looming like a phantasm
that materialized within the dar chasm

the painstaking creation of a rainmaker
Track Name: Super Earth 16 [featuring Oldschool Poindexter, Protextor (P-Tek) and Tee Double]
change your mind or get left behind
expendable object
out of sight of the blind
first to be last in line
excommunication of the undefined
local Armageddon
the unaware are just letting it happen
'cause they don't know better
veterans with a grief pedigree
weapons of mass frustration
are all i see
making it time to realign
scope out the movement in the treeline
with my cosmic eye
12 'o clock high
is a prime position
to place the fall guy
super earth 16 vanishing act
the wrath of the fat of the land
has an impact unforeseen for anybody untrained
to runaway imagination unrestrained
i came to bring the opposite of pain
not quite healing
but a similar feeling
they make a killing by celebrating the villain
we make up the friendly fire battalion
where were they going without ever knowing the way?
the sway is reckless
and we're all unprotected
desensitized to the idea of
terraform and colonize
first it's fed to us like entertainment
then 1%ers will get to obtain it
still far fetched for the wretched of the earth
but a possibility for those with net worth
they'll call it passé as they blast away
and we do for self
until the end of days
if the scenario plays correctly
Spaceways Inc. as they disconnect me

[ guest verse by Oldschool Poindexter ]
[ guest verse by Protextor/P-Tek ]
[ guest verse by Tee Double ]
Track Name: Spanish Trampoline (Believe Me)
omega man
party of one that's in demand
just landed and ran amok
call forensics
CAT2D has left an imprint
the altered statesman
speaks the 39 steps
in the full arrangement
prepare for the famous danger
my indifference is similar to The Stranger
i'll be rapping
regardless of whether or not
these events even happen
i sing the loop residual
make continual audio-visual stimulus
lock me in
flood me with the intoxicant
chamber music for lucid dreams
blast illusions to smithereens
esoteric demolition
from the son of invention
the engine driver
dynamite soul reviver
down to the wire
like a ronin for hire
i start cutting for almost nothing
stimulus infinitesimal
a jaundiced eye
still i enjoy the view
i share with a chosen few
who got clued in on cue
September observer emulation
cannot be stationary
anything less than instantaneous
is draining us of our precious time
these are the eyes that maximize
my bird's eye view for when i rise

watch me hide
grime the ties that bind blind
fixated on decline
i fixate on leaving all of that behind
an afterthought of great magnitude
done with the musical platitudes
the obvious
those afraid to be bold get cold
a sad day, so i'm told
that reality I'll have the pleasure
of never knowing
i can feel my shining glowing
the luminance
leaves remnants of truthfulness
shadows left like burners
on the wall
where the ignorant stand tall
hubris makes you useless
so don't let pride
become a nuisance to you
a limitless hindrance
when you attack yourself
how do you employ self-defense?
it's official
time to lamb it like sacrificial
watch the host watch him give up the ghost
like the heat is on
holding the soul for hostage
give that man a ransom
help advance him
he works well with what life hands him
the handsome phantom
moves in tandem with the surrounding casing
BASEGOD won't be debasing me
put him in the depths of the ancient vacancy
to wait patiently
waste away
rue the day
cut these cats out the DNA
Track Name: Root Maneuvers [featuring Notes Floats]
automatic torn-man stigmatic
sit back and dig the enigmatic approach
close to a ghost in flight
is how one might choose to allude
to the way i move through the composition
how i can't be touched by my competition
by my lasting impression
driven by an unconditional obsession
residual spirits don't care
if nobody's out there to hear it
maybe lucky folks might catch it
always in contact with passionate types
turn off the lights
and i break all laws of nature
radiate what i write right now
as some sonic synthetic
feeling like i saw it
at the same time i said it
writing on the walls in the halls of time
where the people keep climbing
into the night
like something to find is outside of the light
9 lives lost to the curious types
should've been skeptics
but they believed the hype
suckers are born every minute
world keeps spinning
creates the idiot wind once again
and we're caught up in it
evidence of blowback
sends my mindstate to counterattack
just to pick up the slack

[ guest verse by Notes Floats ]

these little feet we're created
for the giant steps that I take
to maintain the rep
Sistine Chapel with the application
and the dedication it takes for completion
reaching out daily for peace and blessings
Mother Nature's undressing
our obsession is intimacy
and we know one another quite literally
i am i be
often i drift away mentally
yet it doesn't hinder my ability
to comprehend the gravity
of all of this active depravity
channeling humanity
so i'm not a casualty
my escape packet
consists of a flack jacket
for the ones that are tagging along
and can't hack it
they fall into the endless depths
of that closed mind bracket
maybe i'm lacking patience
losing the names amongst all the faces
it's the data i purge
as i surge ahead
like a dark road without headlights
dig how my foresight
creates more sight
finished at the start
'cause i'm so forth wright
the fire in which you burn slow
is the one that ignites my golden glow
Track Name: Eat Your Gun
eat your gun
call me the son of the only one
i say holy roller
peace of mind for an intruder
call Zapruder and he can document this
your descent into ignorant bliss
when they reminisce over you, my god
i hope they see your facade
train wrecking the spiritual mash up
runaway imagination
playing catchup
there's no standing still
getting corporeal on the real
billions of tiny mirrors
that remind me of self's reflection
as possessive as i am passive-aggressive
dig my cool, calm and collective
use it to cage the rage face layer
personal pervasive thought purveyor
with conveyor belt production
no obstructions
symphony of self-destruction
we've all got one
mine won't be over
'cause i won't write the coda
put the pen into my BadMotorFingers
to unveil the soul controller

appetite for deconstruction
that could make you eat your gun

eat your gun
didn't anyone see the elephant
that i left in this room
it consumed with totality
the contents of the peanut gallery
no allergy in this one
operates in nothing less than peak condition
such precision
even in the midst of chaotic times
and indecision
like a magician
turn nothing into something
on the upswing
pugilistic slight of hand
making it simple to understand
lamentations for the layman
with an opinion on these statements
rap genius can't decode it
the frame of reference is overloaded
saturated with a vast array in the chamber
that i spray anyway i choose
there's no ego to bruise
experience gave me the clues
proper views from the omnivision
keep my course far from collision
holding position
on the fringes of the sight line
waiting for the right time

appetite for deconstruction
that could make you eat your gun