(sic) silent​.​invisible​.​conversation

by Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice + Kinder

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an EP featuring production by Kinder on the SP202 and lyrics/cuts/samples/noise by Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice

album cover photography by Ersever-Ni-Tra

*random fact*
released on Earth Day, 2013


released April 22, 2013

produced by Kinder
written by Chief and TheDoosmdayDevice

cuts by Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice



all rights reserved


Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice Austin, Texas

Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice
:: mc : dj : producer : artist ::

A wordsmith with the heart of a poet and the head of a broadcast journalist. A DJ who is not afraid to venture outside of the norm. A producer with a different vocabulary of influences, and no fear whatsoever about embracing them. An artist searching for the link between the palette and the pixel. ... more

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Track Name: soundtrack for a self-imposed solitude
margin dancer in the darkness of still waterfalls
in the process of universal reversal
big blank theory applied outside of any realm
with overwhelming familiarity
charity as an illusion
collude with confusion to create music to my ears
soundtrack for a self-imposed solitude
call it gratitude and it might adjust attitude, longitude and latitude
like a triple helix
scream phoenix at final destination
then show me the way to the next echoplex
and oh, don't ask why
Withnail and I in my innervision like closed circuit television
shadetree technician that stays hidden
and slightly embarrassed like I'm trapped on a ferris wheel
located outside Solaris for real
many moons ago my sweet chariot swung down and arrived
with Sweet Caroline on the inside
and we caused a riptide
disappeared and reunited on the flipside
negative eyes
a bit polarized
stylized sympathy with a notarized confession in hand
boarding pass through the looking glass menagerie
animals in curious poses
rename the roses for witness protection
and make that natural selection
less traveled
foot pon gravel
pull this thread and it all unravels as I walk away
the day remains
bloodstains on a blue vein
simple as it is plain
can't explain the phenomenon
well balanced element just like a positron
Track Name: wicked games with names that i can't pronounce
bird on a wire
cat on a hot tin roof that requires assistance to reach
master teacher in transformation to an unknown form
battle roulette with infinite skill set
purple rain means people eaters get wet

vertical hold on and wait a hot minute
major operation for the bad lieutenant
Toynbee final fantasy
digging on meticulous ubiquitous phono-synthesis excavation
vivid image resolution
spectral analysis paralysis
validating transformed gravity
operate manually to upset balances

and it fits like a glove
cuts like a knife
sleeping through waking life

night ranger
beautiful stranger
tracer gets upgrade to reanimator
Bryter Layter
dig my equinox rock
shock and awe therapy as hilarity ensues
parallax blue is the color
I adjust hue for the chosen few

wicked games with names that I can't pronounce
foreign objects that I remember when it counts
round about midnight insight sets in
sets up camp then cleans tools and weapons
we talk about how it grinds my gears
when my goat gets got
but it taught me a lesson
left an impression
uncanny indention only a mother of invention can love
Track Name: the brilliant tragic example
these are the days of miracle and wonder
days of rage
days of thunder
dazed and confused for a spell
black magic
I'm the brilliant tragic example
dark artistry abstraction
multiple divisions when I add subtraction
those parts never did equal a whole
tangibility is nothing without soul
watch me reminisce on events impossible
keeping my reality optional
nominal approach with balanced outcomes
so I stay dumb and number than most
never worried about the sentimental journey
hurry me through it
let's get to it
intuitive, that's how I'm living
unforgiven Avatar now at large
randomized secondhand damage invite
make time for your long kiss goodnight
sometimes I mix up seductive and destructive
get 'em confused
and still I choose to proceed and continue
let's see what's next on the menu
transcend to another plateau
visitor to the vista
raise one fist up like transistor
manifest a pirate signal
one bright night it'll fly right out my window
I seed constellations
showing what lies right behind that cloud of unknowing
ain't no big thing yet, but it's growing daily
the way we like it
like it might sit well amongst hell on wheels
growing like grass with the mass appeal
Track Name: practicing to come undone
my muse my match
singing my moon my man just as loud as she can
give her a hand
soon as we identify her
I'd like to start the fire
but I play sucker for hire in the in-between time
grab Helmet like I'm stuck on Meantime
seems like time has chosen to stand still
patience grappling with a man's will
getting on my nerves of steel
this stealing away
not so much on those games you play
just for fun it's the dangerous one
don't be a stranger son
or you'll more than likely be the only one
soloist practicing to come undone
you've got to step outside if you wanna hide your love away
for another on another day
letting folks chip away is a bad plan
like watching Frank become the Bad Man
love life starts to resemble Badlands
trail of destruction in the wake of seduction
permanent fixture still under construction
my abilities were given like an injunction
half a foundation for the construction
of this disconnected conjunction junction
if you don't know your function
consider yourself an obstruction by definition
don't let it dictate your disposition
Venus uses intuition and such
Clutch Cargo in deep like Fargo
shut down like emotional embargo
borrowing time but you lack collateral
gradual interest for time you invest
really it's all one blink of the cosmic eye
think about when we get by
manifest most everything that I visualize
because it sounds so enticing
I am curious color palette
talk about a valid reason to explore my options
call me the seeker
watch me collect raw material for my brand new concoction
Track Name: good combinations of incantations
new millennium minstrel residential
where District 9 mindstates can gain potential
captive imagination harvested for an incubation period
and forced separation
drawing in the dark like you were not aware
that drawing in the light just might be alright
invisible obstructions with easy removal
like, 'who will deny the approval?'
your battalion is composed of straw men
counterattack with my crew of rogue lawmen
better stall all the confrontation
good combinations of incantations
into the mystic like it was all realistic
pique the subliminal interest
invent ways to maximize the possession
no questions is the point of this lesson
heavy handouts have replaced suggestion
you can't put a ball and chain on my brain
Maintain like my main man Anthony quite regularly
like I do it competitively
Nick Drake once said I was in the place to be
and I can't take that lightly
insomniac that broadcasts nightly
pirate signals that I beam politely
Track Name: you could be king of anything you survive
small change reacts when three exact cheetahs become leaders
meter feeders parking in your tweeters and your subwoofers
cookers aimed at the sky
freeman won't cry without stimuli
you can be king of anything you survive
stood through the slaughter
chaos and mayhem in that exact order
loiter in it daily
famous danger
hazards should pay me a per diem
gotta call it like it seems
color commentary on the hopes and dreams
of a populous lost in their respective metropolis
search parties looking for the autonomous
posing as anonymous strangers
eyes in the shadows
take an elevator to the gallows for a firsthand look
reasonable doubt can be erased
as your sense of well-being gets cased
foreign elements forced into fixtures
hit the foundation with an unstable mixture
this supplement is relative enhancement
chances for advancement all turn vapid
I will keep the design aligned
with a peace of mind I choose to define
locked in a golden moment again
realms that stem from rain on tin