Permanent Record

by Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice

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released April 4, 2013

written and produced by Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice

recorded at The Epicenter
[summer 2012 - spring 2013]

cover photography by Jen Jenkins ( | @ChiefDoomsday



all rights reserved


Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice Austin, Texas

Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice
:: mc : dj : producer : artist ::

A wordsmith with the heart of a poet and the head of a broadcast journalist. A DJ who is not afraid to venture outside of the norm. A producer with a different vocabulary of influences, and no fear whatsoever about embracing them. An artist searching for the link between the palette and the pixel. ... more

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Track Name: The Ballad Of Mojojojo
mixed message metaphor arrival
info kill for your survival
Arch Rivals defensive mind
so in tune
but out of line
lookout for my omnipresence
fully aware right to the essence
soul survivor revival
in progress with working title
gaining distance
shifting inside wind resistance
less intense than incense mostly
bad side short list won't approach me
nowadays I shrug more than Atlas
people so dumb they must practice
give me daily interaction
opposite of intellectual waxing
like a masochist I just sit there and let it happen
laughing inside
locked in for the ride like captive
user friendly
Ugly Beauty's how I'm attractive
but let them tell it
and I'm repellant
disappear, just like some reverse Paul Revere
here today
in due time I'll go astray
come sway me in some direction
let's connect our imperfection
think about tomorrow today
help me to get out of my own way
take me and make yourself at ease
if we reach six degrees and you need to separate
don't hesitate

maybe Anonymous is the answer
ominously cutting out the cancer
private dancer slash neuromancer
rapture disguised as laughter for now
beautiful release
I've got levitation to guide my emancipation
run come save me and lift us up where we belong
and can do no wrong
waiting for so long it feels like slipping away
satellites gone astray
nothing but a shower of white noise
going in circles
never knew silence could hurt you
it's all damage
pieces of a man
reassembling this pillar of sand
scan the ashes for trash you treasure
while we just keep putting everything together
hands are acting like divine tools
Obelisk Movements
Africa in the middle of Capitol Hill
original man still keeping it real
in the midst of the ignorant
minimal intent for the innocent to have awareness
it's reached the point
where I couldn't care less if I cared to try
runaway apathy
and I take part so happily
it's a contradiction
for which I charge admission
dig on my masterpiece rendition of a maverick
with no traditional ties
looks for truth
and keeps finding lies
even when well disguised they shine through
like you were hiding
and they found you
Track Name: Mother Of Pearl
goodbye horses
flying over you was a definite pleasure
held it together through pressure
only to explode on impact
faced that fact straight past the syntax
waited on the other side for a slow ride
that would never arrive
drawer full of watery knives
clean cutaway runaway
think Warren Beatty meets Faye Dunaway
bending all rationale pretending
this pairing isn't headed for an abrupt ending
anything shining so bright
and burning so fast
probably wasn't built to last
vast expansion taken to task
so I smile and cry behind the mask
stoic in public and forced to love it
so I don't shatter this heart of glass

a stranger, famous danger
knows language and works the angles
a stranger, famous danger
knows language and works the angles

am i blind from Darktime Sunshine?
one toke over the line i define?
all mine
you have to be easy
so much stress already believe me
certified walking testament
wise intelligent style
existentialist with predestination for emancipation
on the other side peace of mind is waiting
everyone's allowed to view my pursuance
take mental notes and dig on the nuance
bear witness as they call me fronting
all feeding me a steady diet of nothing
all spending most of their lives
living in paradise
like parasites
wallow in the mire of a temporary victory
no sympathy for a lack of validity

a stranger, famous danger
knows language and works the angles
a stranger, famous danger
knows language and works the angles

straw man fallacy
no balancing acts
they packed up and made tracks
i wax poetic
plus stay embedded in the war outside
here to provide you play by play day by day
at the same time i find my way
wandering star on occasion
well versed in objective observation
hitting all angles
Gregorian technician
watching is the mission by definition
digging these patterns
black Max Cohen
plan of attack that my enemies lack
checkers and chess would be the best comparison
Nellyville vs. KRS-One
everyday it's the very same story
staring at the finger
missing that heavenly glory
exploratory insight outside of you
and anyone's opposing view
i present View to a Kill
Charlie Alpha Tango 2 Delta will be
the lone survivor
the omega analyzer
with lifetimes to decipher
cracking the code
label the node
then switch to disconnect mode

a stranger, famous danger
knows language and works the angles
a stranger, famous danger
knows language and works the angles
Track Name: Call It The Ugly Beat
spaced invaders blessed with ability
to transform into dazed crusaders
welcome to the layer cake son
she thinks she's the passionate one
like you did it to me once again my friend
deja voodoo
master teacher
guru for hire
spotting liars, they were talking, right?
ask Elie Wiesel about Night
for a slight change in perspective, respectively
i would like common ground collectively
but my culture insults intellect
Dangerfield style
no respect
funny like I'm laughing just to keep from crying
focus on the pressure that I'm applying
with the expert timing
priming my engine for soul mining

catalytic conversion immersion therapy
bad operation done terribly
let it be known for the record and so on
this is advancement with nothing to grow on
you can Ghost Ride the wave
we are all slaves to energy that you cannot see
magnetic personality means polar opposites
stay in a tight proximity
occupants of that space in-between
all of your close friends
and closer enemies
who will it be now?
face in the crowd
stand tall but if you stand too proud
then folks start looking
cooking up schemes
Gallagher types set to shatter your dreams
for a laugh
but that's the math
law of averages
means balancing good folks and savages

Red October Small Soldier revisited
devastation inventory unlimited action pack
as I rack 'em and stack 'em
single lightbulb dark room kidnap 'em
screaming obscene and all that
Legends of the Fallback
this impact will hit you like 667 all day
bullyfootsteps along your hallway
no knock policy
high quality
my tragedy exudes comedy
and i calmly bomb the system
turn each witness into a victim
list 'em all
window to wall
read the print no matter how small
for the big picture as we invent you
transcend you just to prevent you
sorta like Invisible Touch holds you back
makes you spend time thinking on what you lack
backwards man as fast as you can
de-evolution was the master plan all along
'look babe, they're playing our song!'
pull their plug 'cause they do it all wrong
why am I reluctant to keep it constructive?
I am not a fan of the mass productive
Track Name: Monkey Flipper
so, who am I?
homunculi with an all seeing eye attachment
custom enhanced
perchance to dream and so on
not a single thought about what might go wrong
waited for so long to change the game
that it's not the same
but echoes of the past remain
boomerang back in place
so I stay on point just in case
that time comes around
my waystation
getting that primary placement access
staying separated from wackness
and all of the madness in tow
like flotation
like levitation without limitation
no trepidation
that's liberation and baby I want it
even if only for one brief moment
I'd still own it

unapologetic type hipster cat
outta my head like my scene was dead
Frankenstein a facsimile instead
something I can slap on the label homegrown
imitate and your whole spot gets blown
like dynamite
or tri-nitro-tolume
Chief is in the area
pump that volume past eleven
found my Stairway to Heaven
in the form of three digits : 667
Analyze That
props to EVAK and A Fishh Called Babel
leaders of the pack
stacking the decks vs. your checks and balances
Crystal Castles crush those palaces
populated by talentless benefactors
television idols and other detractors

live from the wilderness
one of those Gilded kids
with Glory Gold & Glitter
people claim I'm living my life like John Ritter
but most times I'd say it's more like John Titor
too far ahed
slightly off base
with my eyes I can't see my own face
I don't wanna think I'm on pace to waste away
be that as it may
I stay daily motivated to enhancing the creative
back in the day my Tongue would've been Native
all I'm saying is that I'm feeling like Dylan
better start swimming
they times are changing
Hands Like Clouds so I keep 'em Waving
through the wild times
watch her ride After Bathing At Baxter's
my Crown of Creation
the monarch of post-modernization
Track Name: Slowmega
futuristic throwback
everybody knows that
each full measure I take deflects blowback
can't hold back
so I hold on for dear life
20/20 without hindsight
if I hear right there's a Permanent Midnight
on the horizon line at this time
feeling like I've been the victim of a mind crime
outside the business but more than a witness
my investment in this is massive
interest is gained while I'm doing my thing
all around win so I go all in
plus double down, how's that sound?
hopefully super-sonic for easy listening
stay focused like the fix was in
get it in, that's what's up for right now
Darkness on the Edge of Town for night owls
once upon a time that I call right now
I am empowered by the fact I allow myself
to go with the Evenflow like Veder
a veteran
and you can't find a better man when it comes to lettering insight
already present so I don't need invites
my Brigade is all Upright Citizens
infinite ambivalence is the stimulus

plastic surgery for ugly Americans
makeshift Merovengian
Matrix escapism, release me
take my breath away completely uniquely
crossing any altered state line
same crime I commit time after time
do you realize that cause and effect
are the pressure applied to protect your neck?
respect the proximity
anonymity is a true possibility
keep it hid, way off the grid
Medium Cool
don't flip your lid
that's when you get positive contact
reach out and touch faith, give chase
come on feet
let me change speeds with ease
journey anywhere I please

space-time folder
older that tomorrow
Man or Astro-Man of Constant Sorrow
all of his days
going through phases
known to eliminate trace elements
deposits of skeletons in the closet
throughout the gossip I stay modest
I stay honest to this Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
what is the cure for the young man's blues?
keep it moving along
the way bad news travels
Foot Pon Gravel like Omari Kamau
Assymmetry would be useful right now
modern alignment
culture consignment
new growth as originators define it
currently the coexistence is like killer and witness
reminder to mind your business
Track Name: Eight Days A Meek
lost in space
earth is boring
race away with the engines roaring
new Millennium Falcon amalgam
scrap metal masterpiece battalion
send the Band of Brothers under the skin in
thinning out the competition from the beginning
face evil death that's grinning
day and night to keep your head spinning
think heavy rotation
lack of uplift for emancipation
passion forgotten
killed seeds and then the fruit went rotten
Trainspotting types play trendsetters
but sheep in wolves clothing might be a better description
more fact than fiction
more fractured than a binge addiction

I keep my truth locked away
but on display
like I'm teasing
easing in my reasoning
as we exchange experience
bartering martyrs
sets day rates for the weight of water
open market analysis
keep my sources analogous
that translates to a chosen few
far between and behind the scenes
satellite benefactors
that help me manufacture this fractured chatter
broken language that was hastily reassembled
now resembles rants and ravings
and I'm saving the best for last
just keep waiting

memory bank withdrawl
fall from grace
caught in the negative space
like I'm inside out
lost the keys to the hideaway
so I'll never see the light of day
Night Ranger
Sister Christian, the times are stranger than one can handle
both ends of the candle are lit
lest we forget and earn that third degree
sun to seed
we all bleed the same
that means that we share your moment of clarity
make it good, I know I would
make things overstood
keep it all fluid
hella congruent
still water so deep rooted and lucid
Track Name: That Bruja Look
if I asked honestly
'is he the enemy?'
would you point fingers to prove loyalty?
what makes a man start fires?
disconnect wires?
preach to a choir to shift accountability?
maybe the lesson is less responsibility is a blessing
with alternate attire
dharma chameleon
less is no more than a feeling I'm dealing
working that Heisenberg distribution
one man causing so much confusion
Use Your Illusion next time
use it to stretch time stamps out to one direct line
Common Purpose for a thousand points of light
can you keep tabs on every dog in the fight?
that'll get you all light headed if you let it
outsiders become totally embedded

keep 'em all shook
give 'em that Bruja look

let me get all Delacroix on you girls and boys
Lady Liberty enjoys my interpretation
and I dig interpretating
never hesitating while most turn to hating
no debating
I'm not James Carvel
entrepreneur now pursuing the hard sell
force feed
like America keeps eating its young
knowing they're alive cause they're still bleeding
look at us, competing with entities
Projects for New American Centuries
shooting the breeze on some butterfly effect
think tanks working the damage disconnect
the opposite of intellect
collectively changing my life
disrespecting me
no chance at advancement apparent
last days coming
I've been preparing

keep 'em all shook
give 'em that Bruja look

voted for the lesser and got that
lacking a contact
every day feels like combat
Wombat Rex on the stereo
here we go again
I intend to remain unscathed
you can behave or behold my greatness
elevate like I'm weightless
take this lightly and you just might be the problem
if that's likely you should politely decline your position
personal goals should be second to the mission at hand
hashtag occupation turned actual
individuals that together act rational
positive groupthink
getting in-sync
don't partake in the drink
these are the days of miracle and wonder
Boy in the Bubble timing out that thunder

keep 'em all shook
give 'em that Bruja look
Track Name: In-Depth With Tony LeTigre
instant gratification meets instant karma
more loose change for Dharma Bums
crumbling under pressure
over me they can come together like right now
and I'll allow the union
army of forgotten souls in tune to the organ grinder
his melody is a strong reminder
that some folks like the blinders
feel good on conveyors
feel no need to peel away the layers
living content and there's no contingency
end game's all they see
one trick one track
get back where you once belong
and the song still remains the same
a spoke in the cosmic joke
break the chains and then go for broke

astronomical is the limit
beauty lies beyond the index digit
stand in the place you live then pivot
full circle for a red hot minute
now I'm cardinal with marginal intentions
and I did it all for the sake of momentum
lost inertia with the altered motion
now I'm on my own like yeoman
handling grown folks business
style is prolific
let's get specific like assigned seat tickets
dropped in to see what condition my condition was in
therapeutic with these pens
trading these quills for thrills
diametrically opposed to those of the cheap variety
walk righteously
undeniably so as I travel with no place to go

society is still God's broken finger
problems that linger
team Alvee Singer
wouldn't join my own team for real
and still franchise player
what a raw deal
bad investment
the testament of a true inability for estimation
no Rainman for this equation
call it what you want, you idiot savant
some walkabout
some walk it out
some talk it out while others talk about it
opposite shades of active or passive archetypes
Boldhype quality
should I just be all apologies?
somebody did that way before me
and it got them nothing
not even something from it
comfortably numb my pain
solitary link in this broken chain
wax and wane in a unique vein
spend Astral Weeks on different planes
scorched Earth status
burn 'em in the flames
The Man With Two Brains explains it all
call me if you need further explanation
in the meantime I'm pacing about
choose that Faust route or do without
Track Name: Kick Rocks
everybody start at nothing
count to zero
turn around and you've found your Down Hero
fly like an eagle eye cherry bomb blast
survey the damage from the shrapnel cast
in your general direction
splatter with patterns
beautiful 'til it puts out your lantern
slipping into darkness often
nothing can soften the blow until you let go
that's when you lost
that's how you find your way
when buried in remains of the day
phoenix arisen formed from clay pigeons
keep sharp vision when shots are a given
will you be landing or staying immune?
lower the boom like Gorilla Monsoon
getting in tune with the straight and narrow
eye on the sparrow
blazing arrow

polyphonic schizophrenic satellite feeds
harmonic resonance wrapped epidemic
Bad Lieutenant getting academic
amnesiac on track to forget it
acting as if it can't happen
pilot a ship in need of a captain type
misunderstood like Endless Mike
wealth of info thrown out the window
words fell
being anywhere in the vicinity nominates one to catch hell
shell shock victims tell a story
of passing glory obligatory
bore me to death with details if you don't mind
maybe i can feel outshined
as I bask in the glow of a Black Hole Sun
won't you come?
walk don't run
not the orchestrator of chaos
looking for connection like I'm running a seance
Sole Glow Collective
known to go with objective views
use it to make music
infuse life in the rhythm
open up the window and let me breathe
TB Sheets on the beats
Van Morisson to vanglorious
it's The Notorious CAT2D
speaks freely
LP to CD to MP3
ESP will be my next format
more than likely I'll be known for that long after I'm gone
though I might be wrong
Phantom of the Paradise
like all I need is one love to sing my song
a surrogate serenade
played out cinematic

Haley's Comet opposite
a constant
mathematically sound
and Unbound Project at work
ignore endgame
invest interest if you're not insane
wild for the night 'til it's broad daylight
in plain sight I take flight
Black Dynamite on the mic vs. Can't Get Right
won and the fight hasn't even begun yet
that's how I drop that Sun Tzu on you
real life right now
with no run through
Opening Night and I'm slightly unbalanced
John Cassavetes but a bit more callous
talent is a vampire
so passion runs this machine
i stand firmly between these extremes
dream fever
light sleeper
Trapper John if I'm a keeper
Track Name: White Dress, Darker Days
monumental elemental all up in your residential
check the way that I am storing infinite potential
like it's a currency
adventure capitol
pivotal development of abstract rational applications
situation tactics
Muchos Backflips and other dynamics
panic from the new danger that's present
started unnoticed
now it's incessant
don't try to pawn it as a blessing in disguise
I will bury you under your pile of lies
get Midas
master your demise
always intelligent but I got wise to the plan
Paper Moon hustlers banding together
to stack cheddar for the bad weather
that they manifest
kickstart of this civil unrest leaves us dispossessed
unchecked threat's imbalancing action
no en in sight to the satisfaction
bottomless pit mentality
one more battery victim from bad connection
acid bathing after chasing pavements
still in the daze at the time of placement
world keeps moving
I'm improving the status of the whole Doomsday apparatus

buy a white dress for the dark days

everybody run from my fireball stun gun
cannonball style
I'm going Wile E. Coyote on a peyote trance
visions of dancing in the dark as a source of light
my fight or flight are identical twins
no difference ever since the genesis
double lightning arriving at the same place
pace setters on a first name basis
case study of the muddy waters we used to navigate
as we gravitated to the great
infinite list of possibilities
positive and negative hand and hand like a packaged plan
time spent in the fine print
which lesser evil are you aligned with?
call me the Superman Choosey Lover
here's my judgement laugh track
pied piper with memetic response
follow me and I'll deposit you in the Land of the Lost
tangle you in circular logic
play you like a permanent work in progress
everyday's a struggle not to look at the individual
as nothing but a human object
little brain concept
defending your life content
my advice?
no comment

buy a white dress for the dark days

I cannot use your secondhand news
golddust memories that I abuse
are a weapon that I yield without your approval
cry havoc
that's the sound of a maverick in motion
ready and willing, yet unable
which way is up for the time being?
I'm seeing between into you and through you
due to these circumstances
I'll take my chances in a tangent situation
focus on the opus at hand
before it all slips through the fingers like grains of sand
making a goat out of the grand master
more canned laughter for the hereafter
four encounters for transformation
tour guide for your alien nation

buy a white dress for the dark days
Track Name: Serated Edge (featuring KidsuirA)
last tango with rainbow six
motionless for the victory
by fooling impossibility
what we are making is history
I work with this vivid spectrum
things get hectic how I connect 'em
intellect service provider
Easy Rider
my loose screws are tighter than first perceived
and I'm relieved
sick but I'm not ill conceived
please believe in my slight deception
space in place of misconception
smoke and mirrors for a blurred reflection
synapse fires go insurrection
yet somehow connection is made
brainstorm with a space to invade

time for my favorite dream
bring back electric green
my anti-scene needs saturation
in a situational application
like vaccination
this is a cure for those who don't recognize they're diseased
and don't believe that they're in need
the unprepared
wide awake and still unaware
nothing but bliss for the ignorant
cloud of unknowing with benefits
omnipresence in the midst of adolescence
growing pains
can't shake loose these chains and things
but I can't lose, so what remains?
means to an end with no finale
like a mink coat in a dirty alley

pocket aces wasting away
Gambit neutralized and improvising
like Luciola dying
let go and act like you don't know the outcome
I am a fan of tangency
dry elements still create fantasy
romancing the stoned immaculate
blunderbuss if you think I'm accurate
dukes of haphazardness
set pace in case they embrace standing about
root maneuvers
luck for losers
beggars thinking like choosers
the madness is all inclusive
Death Grips if they choose to use
most times it's refuse to lose
play you out like the evening news
Track Name: Parallax Blues
misidentified like somebody lied from the outset
that's how it got hectic
perfected the madness method
without protection
sooner than projected
like feel the glory of the valedictorian
Jack Keuroac gassed up the Delorean
now we're on Com Sense time traveling
level up sucker no matter how challenging
talented at damaging your expectations
heavy doses of righteous indignation
your insinuations are flattering at best
fed by a wire with limited access
who's fooling who?
they're schooling you in the new ways
and you sway like grass with your backwards ass
first cause the last shall be that
just keep waiting to react

i exist so far outside of the lines
parallel realities sometimes
combine to confuse
obscured views
getting in tune to parallax blues

sloppy and cosmic at the same time
defined by the presence of diving enzymes on the inside
I'm atomic tonight
bright black apparatus stays on Doomsday status
terror via terrible threats
Cold War veteran mans the warm jets
try to put your head out before the redout
vampire types leave most folk bled out
follow if you wanna be hollow
I live today with the hope that I'll see tomorrow
all of us are on borrowed time anyway
order my steps to a slow decay
if so you might choose
all the young dudes
will fall into place and carry the news
I always hang in a buffalo stance
cause they'd use all of me if given the chance

i exist so far outside of the lines
parallel realities sometimes
combine to confuse
obscured views
getting in tune to parallax blues

the gravity of all of this holds me down
though it's more like hanging around
stranger on a train so we maintain distance
same destination written on both tickets
modern day human existence
minimal contact
everybody playing the witness
watch as I play dismissive of those types
watch me reach such great heights without them
couldn't give less of a damn about them
real recognizes I should always doubt them
faces in the crowd
locked to a cloud
maintain that ball and chain so proud
unnecessarily self-imposed evil
psychic feedback courtesy of Cerebro
maximum capacity for anybody with the audacity
to claim they'll escape the insanity

i exist so far outside of the lines
parallel realities sometimes
combine to confuse
obscured views
getting in tune to parallax blues