Mixed Signal Transmission

by Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice + Mnolo

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released April 12, 2012

written by Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice
featuring SymmaTree, Click-Clack and Anthony Maintain
produced by Mnolo

chiefandthedoomsdaydevice.com | @chief78666
mnolo.com | escobarmedia.com | collagerecords.com

artwork by Esrever-Ni-Tra



all rights reserved


Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice Austin, Texas

Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice
:: mc : dj : producer : artist ::

A wordsmith with the heart of a poet and the head of a broadcast journalist. A DJ who is not afraid to venture outside of the norm. A producer with a different vocabulary of influences, and no fear whatsoever about embracing them. An artist searching for the link between the palette and the pixel. ... more

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Track Name: Crawling Lessons
autobiographic eulogy fluently translated
another world, another language
nowadays the tango whiskeyman text is much too complex
for the timid to tame it
so why let the nameless name it
and claim it for all times?
all kinds of foulness is found in that logic
sounds like a spare time project
suckers can use to feel less like an object
crawling lessons, walking comes next
gradually the concepts get less complex
or stay complicated until they've been situated
and applied properly within the right context
divine design originated from the mind of some
self made Dr. Manhattan style blind resident
hesitant to achieve resolution
a disappearing act just may be the solution

like give me your hands, give me your minds
this station is non-operational
give me your hands, give me your minds
this station is non-operational

flame contact from the knife-edge chop
the tip top position that will spark the mission
link communication gaps among the rejects
payphone quarters are my nervous reflex
to stationary phonebooth action
headline news that never knows a form of retraction
full steam ahead, pull all the stops
rock headgear for when the other shoe drops
safety first then teamwork is the plan
painting doors black with the red right hand
funny how it works
obviously novices with get up and go
get to be the experts
furthermore the former fortified a network
full of yes-men itching to make their necks hurt
Norma Desmond in tact with Waxworks
automatically systematic fat perks

like give me your hands, give me your minds
this station is non-operational
give me your hands, give me your minds
this station is non-operational

cold blue steel and sweet fire attended
the judgement of the moon and the stars
even took separate cars
a simple destination reached in dead heat
white knuckle freaks to the red meat
and everything in-between
getting rid of every blade of grass that's green
just to make it one sided
mister square dealer
life as an imitator of a faith healer
Rick James martyr
who got a new deal with no time to barter
so much water passed under the bridge
that Mustang Sally has a reason to live
on her one track mind
it's kind of ironic that those tracks aren't sonic
yet they leave an indelible mark all the same
especially the hits
it gets hectic for deadbeats injected with live electric
so be looking good, best foot first
or any other cliche that fits within the verse
ready for a bubble burst, a pushed button
or a simplification that's not a big nothing
these mandibles need tangible options
something with feeling
something appealing to the hero
Tie Fighter winged pegasus
the specialist
effortless Legolas
test dream interpretation freelance
practicing whenever there's a chance
playing Guildenstern everyday to the rap Rosencrantz
watching time pass 'til it's time to advance from the docks
head chock full of memories
kinetic majestic vivid imagery
for the minds iris to exclusively see
and know how it feels to let forever be

give me your hands, give me your minds
this station is non-operational
give me your hands, give me your minds
this station is non-operational
Track Name: Grand Arcanum
check my Grand Arcanum arrangement
sacrificing everybody at the engagement
live ingredients provide immediate results
the beast needs us for feeding it
how did it become so codependent?
stepping away seems the logical way to end it
highly recommended movement
simple maneuver for vast improvement
one that should have been considered in the first place
before the scenario became worst case
passive resistance in this instance
is far beyond driven
suckers that are living in slow motion will be left behind
out of sight out of mind
like i'm blind to actual events
false pretense is my safety net
my one defense

now you know

somebody found me in the darkness on the edge of town
standing on the verge of getting down
maybe i was figuring its' system out
plan my escape route, no doubt
check out my execution in high resolution
audio-visual pollution
wallow on the mire until i retire
extinguished since my heart's on fire
left with the smoke and ash
the broken glass i sift through
with a passing glance
no hands, and no plans for the moment
stoic with a hope to remain unnoticed
Ellison edition of Invisible Man
astral project as fast as you can
for the sake of survival
defense mechanism
warning salvo for those who don't listen

now you know

lights out suckers, take your bad medicine
your reality needs editing
you cannot make a moment an epic
legends aren't self-appointed
they're selected
life is more than a Facebook status
one element of this mixed up madness
pawn like apparatus
small movements masked cleverly
lead to vast improvements
feeling removed from the masses
interaction with the leagues of classless
aggressively passive attackers
one could imagine most folks
acting as if it can't happen
well, the fronting's got me mad enough to touch something
then it's just me
and it's that sudden
snapshot freezeframe instantaneous
inglorious yet miscellaneous

now you know
Track Name: Latchkey Kid
pages so fresh i can't stand it
emanate candid thoughts among madness
out like a rough cut bandit
suddenly abandoned
working on a ballad dedicated to a tangent reality
my standard practice
hoping your atlas has a Z-axis
for a better understanding
making things valid
rearrange frames like working with an Avid
inside and outside finally match
and they're already searching for a way to detach
this is the confession of a latchkey kid
broad daylight is where i keep it all hid
formerly forbidden, currently foreboding
so keep telling me what i'm already knowing
preaching to the choir
fire versus fire
eyes wide shut as the moment expired

king of the beautiful breakdown
bulletproof soul nothing can take down
king of the beautiful breakdown
bulletproof soul nothing can take down

reprise the role of ready able
and keep all expansion under control
for the sake of those who can't take exposition
they can come together and form a coalition of the unwilling
an ironic proposition
in a position to be your own opposition
self-appointed suicide mission enhancements
waiting for a spot amongst the stars and planets
cosmic anomaly overlooked commonly
caught in the semantics of possibly versus probably
hope and actuality, fate and fatality
face to face with the facts of your reality
passionately pass by, past passenger
this imprint circumvents the diameter
owner of the gamut most label spectacular
traded out my soul with a Flux Capacitor

king of the beautiful breakdown
bulletproof soul nothing can take down
king of the beautiful breakdown
bulletproof soul nothing can take down

if my life is labelled grand illusion
the every man's is mass confusion
the powers that be use mass intrusion
for their brand new retro final solution
throwback attack dressed up all different
magnificent malice towards innocents unleashed
broken chains again
rebirth style growing pains again
yet you can play the replay all zen
poker face on
and going all in
that's what you call a bi-win for real
tiger blood pumps through my heart of steel
can't chill, even with calm demeanor
still ask sometimes "is this what Deaner was talking about?"
cause i'm all washed out
editorial currently crossed out

king of the beautiful breakdown
bulletproof soul nothing can take down
king of the beautiful breakdown
bulletproof soul nothing can take down
Track Name: When Animus Attacks (featuring SymmaTree)
here is how one comes to grips with vices
recalibrated definition of crisIs
someone postdated the reality check
funny money won't make the ends connect
even if i paid the taxman respect in an overabundance
he would still collect
that's one certainty
certainly it doesn't happen haphazardly
or inadvertently
more like a clockwork russian roulette
still code red
panic in effect
protect your neck for pete's sake
survival instinct in sync
act then think
black-ops codename : Automatic Slim
slim like your chances in all circumstances
take this for example
i will use your death rattle as an amplified sample

when animus attacks (yo you know where i'll be)
when animus attacks, when animus attacks

quite often i mistake rap for combat
contact, or something far beyond that
Jeet Kune Do
still apply water technique to the flow
more than you know it
sleeper cell weapon in the form of a poet
full metal jacket came fully loaded
loaded to the gills
run for the hills
visions of the aftermath give me the chills
like "why have i been forsaken?"
acting as if these actions were sanctioned
in any way, shape or form
storms without calm
damaging your whole structure, no qualms
i regret nothing
when animus attacks i am objective
and can't control that
so i am but a ghost in the shell
one more face at the bottom of a poison well

when animus attacks (yo you know where i'll be)
when animus attacks, when animus attacks

[ guest verse by SymmaTree ]
Track Name: Transitive Math
conspirative collaborators
that how i classify the beats and rhymes
that i create from time to time
minimal gaps in-between each composition
to keep competition off-balance
frustrate, exacerbate like Mos
they come but won't come close to making the cut
and somehow i managed
to up production with the chopping block damaged
spitting in the wind for distance
laughing at the past with the least resistance defiantly
no proprietary complexes
in this nexus of ours where we find common ground
everything shifts when i come around
volatile element in the compound
full metal alchemy is how i get down
since i am the vessel that has encased sound

Chief's got a bionic pneumonic device
verbalized warning so suckers think twice at least
about stepping
proximity awareness is preparedness
when lacking weapons
ironically, even proper artillery is pointless
when that hand lacks ability
volunteer casualties showing up willingly
poison pen put to work once again
kill 'em all, Chief isn't the creator
some poor bastard'll sort 'em out later
passion and rational though will clash often
there is no ratio to soften the blow
wearing battle scars for show without benefits
lost like innocence
who will remember this when we live life like "never forget?"
sleeper cells lacking any sign of regret

ordered these supplies all in ocean size
for some Clockwork Orange style opening of eyes
fitting, kind of like a glove that's acquitting
consciously decided to stand amongst the sitting
fear is a tool for making the fools fall in line
like molecules and enzymes
chemical designs, madman hands
viciously maliciously meticulous plans best laid
mice and men both swayed
no definition in this vague charade
cloud of unknowing
sowing the grassroots
keep on growing past the absolutes
life is a transitive math
a path with lack of regressions
make the selections wisely
immortalize the likely
never get lost analyzing the psyche
Track Name: Bullet Time Managment
speaking of angles and angels
and all of what's tangled within
the elaborate stranglehold
told ya'll before anything happened
dissect patterns like they all had captions
tried to walk a square path
but there wasn't any room upon their path
they keep saying
never was i playing
that could possibly be the problem suckers keep on fabricating
friction born of making fact from fiction
volatile elements in bad positions
pain changes from concept to actual
when friendly fire turns all your dreams to shrapnel
wounded beyond recognition
left with nothing but a list of difficult decisions
making momentum from madness
a catalyst, analyst, bending the law of averages
like we're crooks and savages with reckless abandon
lost children who need reprimanding
these are not random events
this planning was years in the making
with new expansion at a constant rate
an altered beast to say the least
without fear of permanent damages
bullet time management practitioner
with a perfect example to administer

be my head while i'm living in the red
falsify the way as we lead the misled
lost in thought describes the current situation
why am i responsible for any navigation
when i was the one who burnt the map?
a slap in the face to the notion of a planned destination
that would describe the reality that i'm facing
comrades willing to cut you out of the equation
great minds and so on
that interpretation would make Chief guilty by word association
conversation starter, accidental martyr
pulled off track and forced to push harder to get back
beneath the click-clack
when i struck with a primary counter attack
pinpoint precision all right and exactly in the spot that it's needed
as we proceed
sweat through the peace and surely you will bleed
when the war is on
so Chief remains calm
what if the storm takes on another form?
metapmorphose i suppose becomes the norm
transient being
look into another pair of eyes
and you haven't classified what you're seeing
dark scanner
when the cop and criminal
are all hosted within one individual
Track Name: Dark Passenger (featuring Click-Clack and Anthony Maintain)
locked in a thought like sense deprivation
logic opts for permanent vacation
quo vadimus and no definite answer
malaise sways in like cancer
an x-factor
an unknown elemental
now you play the role of stranger in your residential
sleep walk for survival
well rested and suprised at the moment of arrival
dark passenger came along though
and he's got a hold on Chief on some Jay Strongbow
never letting go
tighten the vice
hardwire splicing his line into mine
piece by piece realignment process
god bless the child who can do it on his own
you are not alone in fact
take solace in that which you cannot see is intact

judge and the jury
give my opinion
and then prepare to unleash the fury on a bystander
slash casual observer
my love for you is ticking clock, berzerker
put it on the backburner for a term
this is denial of ability to confirm any supposition
my position is neutral
ends versus middle is a tool so useful for this occasion
my mind defines my insane creation
with no hesitation
go go gadget contraption
getting my thing in action
that's what's happening, maaaaaaaaan
the doomsday alchemist
hands in aggregate creates a catalyst
conscious decision, maximum access
more optimistic than Sounds Of Blackness

[ guest verse by Click-Clack ]
[ guest verse by Anthony Maintain ]
Track Name: Blank Gaze
global repositioning device
the nice man with V.I.P. entry
permanent eye-scan
double decker bus style stepping the game up
diamonds in the rough that are not the same cut
met on the level, departed on the square
takers and leavers
all non-believers at heart
torn apart, so bleak
because a funky attitude could add to the mystique
best not cast eyes upon the blank gaze
of the moonman caught up in an uncommon phase
barstool scholar
horse collar tackling topics
making mountains out of microscopics
bring the solar-powered heart attack machine
place near bucket while it's doing its' thing
everybody kick it
yeah that's the ticket
counter-culture rejects protest and picket
pick up some liquid at the Citgo
plus $5 gas
and poems by Rimbaud
talk to anybody with arms akimbo
whether standing on the edge or sitting in limbo
one is well versed in preaching to choirs
one communicates with the telephone wires
two of a kind, leaving behind trails of sunflower seeds
and watermelon rinds
obviously clues that a meeting of the minds took place
clues that were left in case nobody kept record
minds get blown indirectly
like Still Life With Woodpecker
dynamite chest, gorilla skin vest
the beast from the east and the best from the west can't hack it
rocking japanese joke jackets this fall
three sleeves
no holes at all
mall mentality
rotate randomly and rapidly
trendy little angelic war of the sharp dressed devils of the mind
more than one kind of advance
circumstantial navigational tools for fools
who cast out rules and instructions
skip the brief introduction
inner meet the maker, creator
the doomsday device devastation detonator
holding after parties at the crater
24 hours at a time until the stars align
disperse at whatever comes first
keeping it terse, no need for outburst
research proves that worse things have happened
the young and the dumb can still be the captain of the ship
all it takes is simple motivation
misdirection can affect the situation
coming up next, elimination round
bound by the limits of the lost and found
ex-contestants don't come around here anymore
and it's likely there won't be many more
so game over, hit the reset button
go to options and eliminate fronting
epiphany time
to save the day one must learn to strike hard
and then fade away
Track Name: 82nd Intangible Asset
known as 82nd Intangible Asset
infinite potential from cradle to casket
Black Lips, Black Frames and Black Kids on heavy rotation
full dedication
meditation through a new application
new attitude for the new education
pop quiz
what it is young rapper?
time for you to know what comes after laughter
drown in the tears for fears realized
reemerge just like you've been baptized
any non-native should protect your eyes
digital feeds will have you hypnotized otherwise
land of confusing lies and opposing views
and ways to monetize it all
standards and practices
bounced checks and imbalances

holy ghost shivers, it's a cold winter
so wound up i could shatter into splinters
hazardous materials scattered all around
heavy footsteps on shaky ground
hate me now
finally i stopped caring
healing instrument now beyond repairing
pieces of a dream torn up at the seams
sharp teeth are not enough, it seems
to defend existence or put up resistance
keep it like a secret or bear witness
what's the real difference between an event and a tendency
is it just frequency?
self made prophecy?
momentum for monotony?
a rabid creature of habit
absent minded with the rapid harassment

looking at a moment from both sides, now
can allow me to analyze where most fantasize
in fact, canonize that
label me a diplomat for the abstract and mundane alike
unified theories
spokes in the wheel feel it all severely
hear me out
only then can you truly let the right one in
ballad of a thin man
can't get it in man
call him sufferhead for hire
all we need is fire for the opposite end
and then we began to become more than men
lesser than legends and gods
staying at odds with the pod people locked to iPods
occupy that space that lies in-between
sort of like distance is everything