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this album is a collaboration between Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice (lyrics) and Lo Phi (music). it is a combination of original tracks by Lo Phi (with a co-production by JayLotus) for this project, and tracks curated from previous Lo Phi work. the result is a short and sweet journey through unique lyrical and audio landscapes.


released August 8, 2014

produced by Lo Phi
written by Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice
additional writing by anom, DDotElles and Evolve

recorded and mixed at The Epicenter
album cover original photo by Sarah Michelle Marine, addition work by Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice



all rights reserved


Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice Austin, Texas

Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice
:: mc : dj : producer : artist ::

A wordsmith with the heart of a poet and the head of a broadcast journalist. A DJ who is not afraid to venture outside of the norm. A producer with a different vocabulary of influences, and no fear whatsoever about embracing them. An artist searching for the link between the palette and the pixel. ... more

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Track Name: Dead (Serious)
floating on a sea of air
like i don't care
everybody who is anybody is there
and my in crowd
is all imaginary friends
realer than real folk
kinda depends on your personal perspective
a subjective view like
'we all recognize it's blue,
but what hue do you see seriously?'
more clues for the great mystery
we are connected
to individuals that we haven't met yet
in this massive nexus
i shine, you shine, and we shine
my god i find that fascinating
let's partake in a neural handshake
there is void magick you and i must make
the crystal lake only laughs
at the modern man
there is silence
so i know where i stand
maybe i am standoffish after all
mostly still to avoid my downfall
my storm where i'm eyeball
for proper navigation it's vital
look, i crawled then walked just like you
took part in my cycle
for my benefit
not innocent
this domain i roam is not eminent

let's get dead serious
Track Name: Equivalent Exchange
moving through tracks
like a bounty hunter hits the streets
the truth and i
compete over the beat
watch as we play
the most dangerous game
with a 4th world derelict mindframe

one in the same
i claim the victor and victim
switch to the rhythm
antagonistic savages
leave protagonist kids in bandages
makes it inconvenient if you feel it all
makes you question feeling at all
think about what you've gained
would you consider the pain
an equivalent exchange?
most folks dwell on change
that's why they feel estranged
along the way is when you realize
that nothing gold can stay
pack light and be prepared to play
this competition is all consuming
definitely not for the average human
that isn't more human
than one with the acumen
to see what's looming ahead
anticipate to create the state
you will find suitable
to pursue your fate
conversate with those
who gravitate away from
devastation fixation
formulate a bond
if you share great expectations
state your business
and what it's inate of
let me debate this Dr. Strangelove
we culminate when i rise above
i am incapable of hesitation
when it comes to disemating information
i nominate myself
because i will not automate
my goal is to intoxicate
Lo Phi can corroborate that
intricate sophisticates
exploring infinite options
approach with caution

moving through tracks
like a bounty hunter hits the streets
the truth and i
compete over the beat
watch as we play
the most dangerous game
with a 4th world derelict mindframe
Track Name: Names For An Unknown Soldier
there goes the power again
am i living in the red
or am i in over my head?
letterhead walls
and bars of red tape
scraping away in the search for daylight
Soledad Brother on a slippery slope
word from the drum is
'give 'em enough rope
and it's a done deal'
the stealer's wheel
stuck In the middle
despite how you feel about those around you
there are no judgements here
with punishments so severe
how does one know to read
the writing on the wall
when they don't recognize it as writing at all
Catch-22 that's growing like grass
with the mass appeal
and i feel it all
the next in line
to become completely unstuck in time
slaughterhouse six
digging in my bag of tricks
for an option
use caution or fix the problem?
pay me now or pay me later
basically pay me anytime i please
feed the beast
or feel varying degrees of pain
snap back
get your thinking on track
trust me
we will soon reach the black
and paint the black hole
blacker than it's ever been
spoonfuls for a ton of bad medicine
administered like frontline attack
proper protocol
is putting backs to the wall
making you feel small by comparison
foundation infiltration
with the fine print lettering
destabilized the sediment
they again, these predators are veterans

no one speaks English
everything's broken
not a token of sentimentality attached
stitches without time constraint
I've anticipated getting acquainted
to a simplify or die existence
resurrection in an impressive instant
all paths are least resistant
'cause they are submissive
to my advancement
perchance to dream
it's wanderlust for an organic regime
grew up natural
and did it so casually cruel
so for you i'll play the fool
if that will get me over
what a sobering notion
ferocious imposing visions of an implosion
the usual devotion
dedicated like Funkdoobiest
while these other lunatics
act all dubious
way too numerous to be singled out
so they just mingle about unattended
like an inmate mutiny
at the asylum
if those walls could speak
i'm sure that they'd stay silent
for fear of a violent rejection
logical defects
discovered during close inspection
so they crumble under the pressure
these ghosts tonight
hide in the dead weather
i grow older
as i fall into my role of
the unknown soldier of fortune
amongst these fortunate sons
allowed to run wild
everyday cats don't
lead a deStijl type of lifestyle
there are no straight lines
when god drops in
with the intelligent design
clearly if we are engineered constructions
Lo Phi and i are limited production
Track Name: Mad Professors [featuring anom]
scare 'em with the truth serum
injected in the cerebellum
seraphims tried to tell 'em
through collective dreams
ground up gravity
keeping my mentality
healthy as my anatomy
an escapism artist
Dr. Who with a pitch black ark type TARDIS
obelisk rodeo
eight steps to perfection
disguised as seconds
an unprotected residual event horizon
praying hands that resemble M. Bison
at a glance
superenhanced the transmissions
easing the pain
so i'm not stuck with wincing the night away
walk it off
while i'm taking the long way home
en route to the Terrordome
where i roam similar to ronin
keep a sharp blade
on my Shonen Knife
in this life
Tishiro Mifune mixed with Paul Mooney
calculated moves
amongst the unruly
duly unnoted
all of my heroes
are the dust left over
from history eroded into sands of time
the wind and the rain
blend in with the joy and pain
like they've always been the same thing
stabilize us like wings
and hope it brings along progress
unchecked gaps
mistaken for a memory lapse
the absence of evidence perhaps?

[ guest verse by anom ]
Track Name: The Music (Seemed To Be)
innocence lost to the less experienced
dead weight that won't dissipate
creates a demonstration of futility
at full ability
you're killing me Smalls
preaching to a choir of these wailing walls
when it all falls down
they built this city on our town
down in it
minutemen going at it again
working to expand
on the task at hand
with all the grand scheming
pipe dream battery and assault
calling it the victim's fault
in other words, robot, you got me
feeling like a carbon copy
from your monotony
so join or die
but never should you question why
or transform fat man to fall guy
right in from of our eyes
the all seeing eye
makes you acquiesce

the subtle suggestions
artificially intelligent adolescence
mixed business with the mixed blessings
under the table
you can pay me not to question this
set adrift my memory bliss
like a trigger mechanism
possibilities multiplied like a prism
so choose your adventure
map out the splinters
from a spot at the center
like you're the element providing connection
a black umbrella for astral projection
the music seemed to be
a reflection of the happening
sorta like the sea put the captain in charge
nature without man victimized
these hands synthesize civilizations
with no limitations
no hesitation at all
call it subcultural sprawl
Track Name: Love (I Should)
used the air vents
to fill up the room
with a homemade mix
of Jitterbug Perfume
the Halcyon Digest speed reader
so please unplug me
from your birdbrain feeder
for right now
you'll never catch me roving
in Pavlovian response
that would be nonsense
send in the datablend
and i'll bend time
introduce a little bit of zen
to your enzymes
catch wreck with a hypnotic effect
trance like status
induced with the mic apparatus
meet an opportunistic
mystic misfit
keeping his linguistics cryptic
leaving all of the meanings open-ended
even the imperfect
can get a chance to interpret
'cause nobody knows for certain
stay guessing
stay involved in the lesson

we are lesser than the big picture
small elements
of a grandiose mixture
victory within all the self control
because the exerted influence
effects the whole
talk about a vibe change
we should all love
in the same vein
of Django Unchained
the journey is the lesson
that provides appreciation
of the prize that lies
at the final destination
others ask questions
while i find answers
drastic chances
lead to major advances
when i go ballistic
my aim is true
which leads me to...
Track Name: OmniVista [featuring DDotElles and Evolve]
when i come apart
i notice my divisions
look like fringe ones
animals that operate
on twin engines
the winner
and the honorable mention
the lynchpin
easing the dimensional tension
holding it together
like a fenced in area
carry me beyond
all of the mass hysteria
gettin' zen
just before i get it in
watch how i soar
like a leaf on the wind
the fall isn't even a fraction
of the understanding
that is gained from landing
the question that you should be asking is:
'when it happens
who will be left standing?'
none of the outcomes are random
i perceive time
as a collective of finite lines
thriving off the flaws that i find
in the grand design
that i am able to define

[ guest verse by DDotElles ]
[ guest verse by Evolve ]
Track Name: So I Can...
whatever your particular vernacular
i spit fantastic planet spectacular
speech patterns
solar rhythms
containing wisdom of the sages
and the sounds of ages
i can barely hold it all
within these pages
similar to putting lasers in cages
beautiful escape artist
manufacturing hard margins
for the marginal to conquer
maintain production
with my divine assembly line
i redesign on the fly
with the changing tide
even when i'm washed out
i am not boxed out
so i can rebound
leave it to the squares
to define my sound
never thought it vital
i should apply a title
i am a disciple of a full life cycle
Dylanesque style
if it is archetypal
simple comparison
i find hilarious
constantly lumped in
with all of the nefarious
simple minds
driven by a blind ambition
all short-sighted
by their own admission
selling yourself short
is outside of my realm of comprehension
even if i shifted
my mindstate drastically
all that i will ever represent
is life actually
my reality is drawn
from a deeper perception
blessed with immaculate reception
the voice is my weapon of choice
as i cut through the noise
and rejoice in public
leaving competition on the short side of nothing
prepositions predicated
on weak subjects
off topic when you embrace fuzzy logic
maybe i should hand out diagnostics
sorta like charitable contributions
forgone conclusion
is they will reject it
they won't even notice
how i disconnected
and found peace
while the times became hectic