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This album is the 3rd installment of a collaboration between producers Mnolo (San Antonio, Texas) & Anecha (Ecuador).

Featuring Chief and the Doomsday Device on vox (Austin, Texas) & special guests Itzli, Joaquin Muerte (San Antonio, Texas), and NonPlus (Temple, Texas).

Limitless is a hip hop journey into cosmic consciousness and a cry for social justice.

This album took one year to complete. The beats were created by Anecha and Mnolo via remote collaboration using Reason software. Once Mnolo primed the beats for vocals, they were sent to Chief and the Doomsday Device where he laid vocals, enlisted NonPlus for a verse and emailed them back to Mnolo. Mnolo chopped, screwed, mixed, and mastered the tracks. The result is 'Limitless' and the title speaks for itself. The album also features San Antonio vocalist/instrumentalists Itzli and Joaquin Muerte (of Los Nahuatlatos and Calmeca Squad).


released February 1, 2014

produced by Mnolo // Anecha
written by Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice
featuring Itzli (Los Nahuatlatos), Jaoquin Muerte (Calmeca Squad) and NonPlus

mixed by Mnolo
cover art by Mnolo



all rights reserved


Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice Austin, Texas

Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice
:: mc : dj : producer : artist ::

A wordsmith with the heart of a poet and the head of a broadcast journalist. A DJ who is not afraid to venture outside of the norm. A producer with a different vocabulary of influences, and no fear whatsoever about embracing them. An artist searching for the link between the palette and the pixel. ... more

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Track Name: Limitless
feels like i'm standing on the verge of leaving it all behind me
with no plans of landing
high enough to kiss the sky
when we get by it will mean momentum for vox populi
the main ingredient in this particular equivalent exchange
i will lose grace in order to save face
you will gain pace occupying one space
when the dust settles anybody that meddles
will be seen for their filthy and foolish nature
legislature feels like a placebo
but power to the people seems a bit much
some think tank probably has the plan for the task at hand
properly laid out
this is a Cold War for information
freedom to the one who lacks hesitation

LIMITLESS (mind invasion)
LIMITLESS (class separation)
LIMITLESS (confrontation)
LIMITLESS (alien nation)

habitat for inhumanity
brand me whatever tag line you decide to define my kind on this day
mentally abuse the ones you confuse
i pay no mind
or give that illusion with strong indication
threatening gestures and vocal inflections are
steps i take to make a primal connection
black out the white noise in your section
let's revisit original indigenous
where for the right reason an inherent distrust exist
risk assessment reaction
danger was avoided or its head got bashed in
i'm not asking for wild in the streets just yet
but total submission i don't get
nobody's best interest have been met for ages
soon we'll be living in cages

LIMITLESS (mind invasion)
LIMITLESS (class separation)
LIMITLESS (confrontation)
LIMITLESS (alien nation)

operation true shield
the enemy revealed may surprise any untrained eyes
those not wise to obvious monotonous application
right in front of their faces
numb to it
come through it unchanged
and averages joes will now find you strange
volatile element status for asking questions
troublesome when making suggestions
negative spin cycle
all of it may go rancid if we don't advance it
staying stagnant only increases the magnet
disconnection seems tragic
the tail has the dog and wags it with reckless abandon
to hand out discipline for the disciples that listen
i'm on some fists in the pockets and i can't stop it
Track Name: Nice Zeitgeist
talkin' 'bout a revolution
or just a change of mind
wind me up and i'll supply those inclined to redefine
i'm something like an organic news wire
rapid fire vigilante on a tantrum
hooked on a random addendum
you should commend them for their ability
to tack on most anybody's uninformed opinion
send in the clowns and they release the hounds
they attack better when we're standing on shakey ground
where it's easier to come unbound
going to pieces like it's some kind of defensive maneuver
you can use to improve on your existence
if i put it to music then i'm like a groovy guru for you to listen to
and maybe gain some enlightenment
while all of the screws keep tightening
living in the same mindframe i'm writing in
that's an invite for the opposing factors
to switch on and get their niche on right now
like a counter-attack in surround sound
hitting you from every angle is how they get down
hitting you from every angle until you sit down
no kings, just counterfeit crowns

i am not the fodder for your frontline
used as an instrument to commit your war crime
i am not your caged in labor
nothing but a number at the end of the saber
i am not your stereotypical
most say i'm closer to a saint than a criminal
i am not a mindless drone
broadcasting news with my microphone
i am the absence of evidence
i am still the esoteric terrorist
i am here to ask questions
i am not seeking blessings

talkin' 'bout a revolution
or just a change of mind
wind me up and i'll supply those inclined
my zeitgeist is that nice
owner of a soul on ice that will deep freeze societies' ills
photographic for examination
outcast with a spying glass in hand
and my optics are locked
symbolically loaded with spare ammunition i provide on the side
third eye squadron scopes the black cauldron
what's bubbling seems troubling
so they approach with caution
but come back often
waiting for the boil and they can't stop watching
missed the messenger that delivered the toxin
reminiscent of Top Gun how he dropped in
chalk it up like Walt White with the ricin
more power in my hands than M. Bison
putting them to use is enticing
me and my DoomsdayDevice stay ready for gameday
they wanna get some
knowing the outcome
the natural, blessing you factual based fiction
as part of the beautiful contradiction
that is recognized as a Chief composition
academic with the triple eye vision

i am not the fodder for your frontline
used as an instrument to commit your war crime
i am not your caged in labor
nothing but a number at the end of the saber
i am not your stereotypical
most say i'm closer to a saint than a criminal
i am not a mindless drone
broadcasting news with my microphone
i am the absence of evidence
i am still the esoteric terrorist
i am here to ask questions
i am not seeking blessings
Track Name: Blessing Bars (featuring Itzli and Joaquin Muerte)
[ guest verse by Itzli ]

incompetent sloppy kids in top spots
claiming they're top notch
knowing that they're not
IED types, prone to spot blowing
unaware of the energy they're unloading
people like me are decoding the network
my opinion clearly is not expert
yet there is experience within that
obligations lie in the need to defend that
maybe i'm selfish
self sufficient to the point it causes exclusion
followed by mass confusion and wild conclusions
and delusion about my disillusions
like i'm a schizophrenic
or i'm patient zero to some epidemic
it's a systemic infiltration
a foreign objection
cleverly delivered in the form of suggestion

[ guest verse by Joaquin Muerte ]
Track Name: Funny Money Addicts
middle of the road and the traffic's backed up
still tuning in when the signal's cracked up
folks getting used to half truth
claims that lack proof
culture in the hands of the uncouth
dread the fact that these shortsighted cats
are told to look ahead
and choose to look other directions instead
getting fugazy with the shoegazing seems downright crazy
Track Name: Unchained Melody
FREE MARY JANE is on my brain
one wrap and my melody's unchained
taxable factor
let Phillip Morris manufacture green squares
and we'll put clouds in the rarefied air
singularity is a possibility in a haze of clarity
like peace .. appears .. through .. the fog .. of war

we could spark the evolution towards reason
instead of appeasing old ways
lift the stigmatic off the enigmatic
then we can celebrate in a glorified blaze
burn one down and ignite that stimulus in your town
back in the 60s Big Tobacco got down on those Humboldt acres
ready when the scene hits green on green
how much longer must the masses scream
before both extremes jump on the team?
fighting for state's rights
fighting to eliminate pill regiments in nightly intervals
fighting being labelled as a criminal
on some subliminal warfare with physical consequence
in the belly of the beast on false pretense and misrepresentation
stimulus package to a stagnant nation
if the Reefer Madness was cut from the equation
scoffing at the cash crop king
keeping the common man from doing his thing
CRUSH KILL DESTROY mind elevation and expansion
before it can happen
green power is the topic of the hour
and it's now or never
until forever
Track Name: Subliminal Shorthand
cost benefit on your lost innocence
audited commodities with common interest
sensitive to senseless individuals
who intend to treat their constituents as criminals
hit you with subliminal shorthand
that's hard to handle in massive amounts
why feel accountable like they're infallible?
when you feel powerless you are still valuable

tuned in to the rhythm of the drum
play dumb for extension of comprehension of comprehension
the zeitgeist transmission
outside indulgence sets convention agendas
shattering windows of perception
answering with questions
pulling ideas from the ether
and feed paranoia to the double speaker
to handout seeds and sound bytes
that don't sound right when closer examined
that's why close scrutiny is called mutiny
one point of view is an opportunity to gain new perspective
in a subjective land that hands out disinformation
you can find me in clear view
and i might be worlds away from you

everybody in this big machine
still lives life on some perchance to dream
and it seems like waking up is making up
some alternate form of reality for casualties
of a Cold War in a frozen zone
what does one call an imposed atonement?
spectatorship makes you an opponent
that motivates an unknown component
ghost memetic
ideas embedded within the collective soul
of the prosthetic conscience that is a constant influence
beg as they threaten to destroy this movement
with a skewed vision
some false flag improvement maneuver for someone's amusement
skeptic's ruse, subterfuge
out to win with nothing to lose
Track Name: Storm (featuring NonPlus)
looking down the barrel of a gun
an unarmed man
knowing if i stand my ground
that no matter how it does down i will be labelled the aggressor
and never as the lesser evil
equal but not the same
that was the name of this game i was forced to play
long as i tried to stay on the sidelines
i could not delay getting dragged in to face the dragon
because my pants were sagging
i was bit by the dog that the tail was wagging
i would say belly of the beast
is the least of the possible destinations that i'm facing
that i would choose
singing the CCA blues we all know so well
somewhere a bed is waiting for me
in my six foot by eight foot personal hell

[ guest verse by NonPlus ]

what rights?
most nights i practice my vanishing act
in the face of a sneak attack
knowing i fit the profile
i've resided on the third rock for a while
and some truths do remain self-evident
taking a stance could mean taking a chance with your life
so even if you know your rights
they will fight that fight until it takes its toll
fight that fight until you lose control
fight that fight until it kills your soul
that's the goal
that's the endgame
have you thinking rational thoughts are the insane plots
it's easy to keep us quiet
if we voluntarily keep ourselves divided
they are united
and they've already decided the enemy is you and me

[ guest verse by NonPlus ]
Track Name: Witness
black president
still it's unsafe for the black resident
one outcome despite the evidence
it doesn't make sense

women have united all across the nation
to protect their bodies from the legislation
that puts some of them in an ill situation

target practice for the DEA
fills the prison planet of the CCA
and the gears keep grinding without delay

fat cat types with a vested interest
see Capitol Hill as a place to infest
and overkill with the resources they invest


stand your ground means choosing to get down
won't qualify for a darker shade of brown
throwing these unjust decisions around

guns in the streets in the hands of teens
in Chicago, Brooklyn, New Orleans
east to west and all points in between

GMO style is the new regime
plastic fruit and mad cow disease
Mother Nature cut out of the scene

think outside the box and you don't win
that's a recipe for some medication
help grow the Prozac population


mainstream news is nothing but personal views
agendas the powerful choose
that's why you watch and you feel confused

Islam labelled as religious fanatics
while Unitarians, Christians and Baptists
all utilize God to defend their antics

false flag operations to alleviate
false conflicts that were born in the midst of
false creations and false situations

sex sells everything under the sun
alcohol, web domains, fashion
energy drinks, cars and chewing gum

Mary Jane is evil and it's illegal
enemy that knows no equal
even though it's the one drug that doesn't kill people

politicians out there will fight for your mind
in the educational realm you will find
evolution in a clash with intelligent design

trickle down theory has evaporated
one small group shares wealth created
middle class is all but devistated

this is all based on observation
nothing i've stated was my creation
so goes the weak links
so goes the nation