It​/​ll Be Better Tomorrow

by Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice

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The third studio LP from Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice. Recorded entirely in SMTX via The Epicenter.

Cover photography by Jessica Higgins.

A Nameless/Faceless Production


released September 11, 2011

produced by TheDoomsdayDevice

written by Chief


"Misfit Therapist" written by Chief and Emcee Eats


"Lost Mammal" written by Chief and EVAK1



all rights reserved


Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice Austin, Texas

Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice
:: mc : dj : producer : artist ::

A wordsmith with the heart of a poet and the head of a broadcast journalist. A DJ who is not afraid to venture outside of the norm. A producer with a different vocabulary of influences, and no fear whatsoever about embracing them. An artist searching for the link between the palette and the pixel. ... more

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Track Name: Misfit Therapist (featuring Emcee Eats)
esoteric terrorist
misfit therapist
blanket theory practitioner overlooking all the abundant evidence
and relevant elements
once upon a time referred to as present tense
seemed liked the opportune setting and aesthetic
to express any pressing issue type-poetic
wants versus needs sorted out in the rhetoric
edited yet repetitive
a self-induced sedative
if the end fits the means
it can squarely oppose the in-betweens
those who would dream to intervene become victims of fate
stop-lossed on destiny's plate
waiting room casualties
social abnormalities
beneficiaries of a technicality
in the sense that innocence can create the victim
if it doesn't kill him surely it could uplift him

timeless and spaceless, nameless faceless
manufacturing the illusion of complacent
a replacement
who's to blame when the hands get locked in the violin of shame?
permanent fixture
behold the volatile mixture of realness and i don't feel this
could it be as contagious as it is outrageous
to keep filling up these pages?
cue the music, prepare the kick
wake 'em up quick before they fall deeper into sickness
witness a holy calamity
good time slash bad time fallacy
pull the trigger i am bigger than trigger man
or warn me in a language that's easy to understand
pon the attack and step back for clarity
surgically remove any irregularity

[ guest verse by Emcee Eats ]
Track Name: Super Collider
pen plus paper equals super collider
a vision provider
the cleansing fire
burnout for hire, supernova style
shine like the sun on everyone for a long while
quite possibly eternal
6'2" towering inferno
heat-miser 'til they expose the beat
then incendiary from the head to the feet
be aware when the solar flares extend
to the absolute zero at the core of all ordinary men
ignorant to the pain 'til nothing is left but charred remains
dust in the wind revisited again
arm twist charm via repetition
and replication in a combination
lacking explanation or consideration for the bystander
often misunderstood by the outlander
which does both good in the long run
let the grand expanse in-between be the venue where life can dance
electric mayhem
intelligent sound system
who will be the next victim
prisoner trapped in a prism
studying spectral analysis and sleep paralysis
diametrically opposed ends
friends in passing
both side effects of passion
time for action
the only thought on my mind is taxing anybody asking questions
listen for a while
think versatile
try and reconcile with the culture you defile and move on
this is how one can improve on the things they love
and then rise above

we all feel it to the core
we all want more
these the last days (GET YOURS)

introduction time for the oblique speaker
abstract thinker
drinker on the brink of a tragic relapse
perhaps the fall that can prolong eventually hitting the wall
sorta like cruel to be kind
augmented design
hands free just to fly blind
cheap thrills
whoever said speed kills should best step aside
so that we don't collide
no need to hide
spectatorship is a highly recommended practice
for those who lack this seemingly easy ability
to comprehend the reason i'm called Mystery
second guessing
truly obsessing over any possibility that the reality is a bleak one
cause it's music to the ears of a sucker
lost, and looking for peers
flunkies aiming at a chance for supremacy
spitting mirror image of his own worst enemy
nega MC, king of a scene that's broken socially due to extremity
a disparity in the polarity of everything
distance makes for an atomic reckoning
dark energy beckoning for closeness
when nothing else remains they shall toast this achievement
if that's what the suckers wanna call it
haul it in and then the party can begin
ignorant bliss
when they reminisce over you at best it's a quick overview
cryptic cliff notes and sound bite quotes
floating in sickness with no antidotes
terminology wielded terminally
irreversibly and interpersonally

we all feel it to the core
we all want more
these the last days (GET YOURS)
Track Name: Last Exile On Main Street
neon genesis infinite limitless
birds eye view for the tried and true
visual individual thought criminal
that manipulates data delivered subliminal
that's how a prodigal invisible sun returns to spread the heat on everyone
equal opportunity denial of immunity
never a no show, but may shine truantly
fluidly, the water technique
polar connection makes it concrete
set it, so solid most forget it
tragically heroic or pathetically poetic?
Shakespearean Criterion Edition
solid acquisition
fusion and fission all along the same lines
join to divide
war going on outside worldwide

pick a role
weatherman or make the wind blow?
fly or jump out the window?
no offense
the evidence of time moving on is abundant
this is redundancy
sick form of reluctancy to accept them changes
and the strangest part is the audacity to call it art
saying it straight faced and quite complacent
warn the adjacent about osmosis
proximity awareness preparedness for those closest
looking down the barrel
stumbled in without the bulletproof apparel
the most dangerous game
a rose by any other name is still the same thing
grab hold wrong and the thorns will sting
offer up the blood and the tears they bring

lay of the land vs. chain of command
leader of the pack that remains unmanned
ghost unit
motivation of the spirit
visited the thrill ride without the ticket
this is but a snippet of a bigger picture
how it sits with you is implicitly idyllic
mastered whatever forces i inhibit
far from illicit
let's get specific
pushing each digit to the limit
inch-punch finger jab combination to the timid
crush that windpipe like it's acrylic
shattering the visions that seem the most vivid
pieces of a dream that's been quarantined
keep 'em separated so they never convene
intervene in-between the lines
let 'em find your designs amongst the hearts and minds
Track Name: Out Of The Woods
if only there were more love than money changing hands nowadays
glory over fame always
social evolution slash love revolution
after the love is gone then restitution is rewarded
down to the sordid details and assorted fine print
every last cent was spent before the money changed hands
whether it be bad finances or bad romance
the two seem as if they were parallel factors
solely designed to keep people in line
criminal neglect of the beautiful mind
blind faith is the genesis of the bind
faith is a key, but you must see all the opportunities
the forest, the trees
every degree
the arm leg leg arm head that is cherished individually

totally caught up
totally out of look
totally in pain
totally insane
totally with a doubt
totally spaced out
(i know a few understand what i'm talking about)

stepped out the front door and the rain followed
meditated that it'll be better tomorrow
manifest those visions with such precision and clarity
on some clockwork regularity
optimism is a temporary wisdom
unique ability to see the full prism and take it all in
let's begin, shall we?
at The Epicenter's where i'll be
listing the devil within the details sort of as a hobby
but not for a living
both unforgiven and forgotten in one fell swoop
duck soup
enough for the whole group to partake in
another forsaken ritual of a naturally habitual type routine
scenesters minus the scene
hands that are strangling whatever's between

totally caught up
totally out of look
totally in pain
totally insane
totally with a doubt
totally spaced out
(i know a few understand what i'm talking about)

selective directive
multitask master type situational
like a watcher and a pusher combined
vision of a future this mind designed on some Pollock
a beautifully abstract mess
dot connection from a man obsessed
super manic
heroic the moment before stoic
rapper like Charles Bukowski was a poet
novel ideas, embrace the fear
America still needs volunteers
look at what's happening on the streets
start a revolution with or without beats by speaking
teaching the concise and coherent
facts that normally are readily apparent
yet easily ignored
fully unexplored
the facts we cannot afford to neglect
respect to the unhinged
living off the fringe benefits of a binge
swoon in the midst of too much too soon
the bag in the wind
the red balloon
play it where it lies without compromise
one who approaches and plans to improvise is a free man
the main street exile
high quality in a low profile

totally caught up
totally out of look
totally in pain
totally insane
totally with a doubt
totally spaced out
(i know a few understand what i'm talking about)
Track Name: Abstract Mess
listen up because the city's still screaming
streaming through the possibilities of redeeming itself
or splitting sorta like a Joy Division
people on the block knowing dub it premonition
low key scholars
silent alarm callers
landing much better than the rest of the fallers
the boy who made slaves out of men
sacrifices freedom to go at it again
no destination can fit this equation
going mobile without the hesitation
disamating any trace of authentication
stay strapped in for a brief demonstration
introduction to the deconstruction of the functionality within the monarch seduction
separation anxiety
scaling obstacles of glorious variety
looking for sobriety

now i think it's alright that we're together, and
i think that's the right idea, my man
yeah, i think that's the best you ever played it, and
yo, i think that's the right idea

dismemberment plan set to cover any man from head to toe
a glowing benefit for any inspired individual
for that full contact thrill-seeking type cat
a win for the losing champion my dear friend
real, but compared to what?
it depends on the stance that is taken
which in turn is the architect of the universe we're creating
emulating the idea of a feeling
self-induced wound that will soon need healing
reeling from the shock while blocking out the pain
bloodstains splattered all over the mundane
static, monochromatic and dogmatic
too much of anything makes you an addict
angel-headed hipsters lacking the connection
facing opposite directions from the blessing

now i think it's alright that we're together, and
i think that's the right idea, my man
yeah, i think that's the best you ever played it, and
yo, i think that's the right idea

perfect blue hue
a vast abyss for any soulless individuals to wander into
following the lights
possibly even get it right and select one ripe for the pickin'
stickin' to the plan with an unchanging stand
sorta like getting pulled out of quicksand
soul shifting miracle man
working on a hand to hand basis in numerous places
social semiotics
personal growth through artistic by-products
momentum connects with hypnotic effect
travelers not knowing the direction they're going
all journeys are accumulated destinations
placement debasement professionally
travel without moving questionably
wondering what the lesson will be
patiently waiting
anticipating reaction
lovesick victims becoming the vaccine
the irony of ashes to ashes
molehill mountain, a fountain of growth as time passes
enlightenment exists at the summit
during the climb remember what you learn from it
daddy's traveling and won't make it home
burning out his fuse up here all alone

now i think it's alright that we're together, and
i think that's the right idea, my man
yeah, i think that's the best you ever played it, and
yo, i think that's the right idea
Track Name: Mink Alley
role rehearsal reversal
universally magnetically pathetic attempt
self-sacrificial individual fresh outta nails and screws
tacks exempt for his own benefit
not innocent in a traditional sense
when the new evidence introduced itself into the picture
changed the game within the framework that's maintained
solving brain games and exercising
compromising all situations
totally influenced by the limitations of the average stat
being way beyond that
phenomenal cat with kinks
watch how it all links together despite mistakes
concentration breaks
memory lapses
misinformed or misfired synapses

how's that for some more obscure rap?
verbal entrapment
enter the dragnet
ends against the middle of a polarized magnet
unconditional love slash bad habit
rabid animal
cannibal transformer
eyes stay open, back to the corner
go go visceral peripheral
360 vision on a static physical
look at how everything is illuminated
only for a moment then excommunicated
cast out, let's pull the mask out
time for the unseen to lash out
two step win : all in then cash out
making history
flawless victory
still mumbles like embrace the mystery
scattered brained picture perfect memory

esoteric hustler
put on the squeeze
hold you in the arms 'til you feel the disease
psychosomatic, lazy lymphatic adjustment
into the flood we're thrusted
helping hands holding out a list of demands
good advice tailor made for the badlands
hourglass sand
dreams of a shake-up
give him the kick and help him wake up
eyes open
totem out the pocket in the palm
spin it and anticipate the chance to stay calm
God made a ramblin' man
gambling a chance at this life is a part of the plan
play it how it lands
fate is in motion
Moby Dick without the whale or the ocean
hold on and hope that it all works out
physically moved beyond the shadow of doubt
Track Name: Step Thirteen
being's unbearable lightness
the urge to write despite this permanent likeness left behind
big blind sets of action
going all in with nothing to ration
rainy day savings all day
beware of the stickup kids roaming in the hallway
always looking out for an easy withdraw
benefits doubling as your downfall
sorta like the shadow of a smile
sinister side coinciding with the need to hide within the other side of time
lines in the sand can't determine where i choose to stand
therefore a step thirteen means leaving everything behind
at the cost of a beautiful mind
unwind but try not to unravel
head among the clouds
feet among gravel

formulate a picture of matter
plummeting earthbound
shattering whatever's in the path of its Pyhric victory
flight that's achieved at the risk that anybody made to believe
is offended and all contact is ended
no place to land without hands extended
done, crash land amongst no one
survive to thrive like blister in the sun
baby, it ain't hard to tell
dig this shell well equipped for the hell i catch
in the ongoing journey to complete this match
stuck in a rut
this unique cut doesn't seem to be compatible
or it's too adaptable
yet somehow barely valuable
some say the value is a gradual gain
payback for choosing to invest in pain

scoping out the vast expanse
makes a tiny dancer feel the lack of a need to advance
no need to be a solitary visionary
what's a pure spirit with nobody near it?
an island
which no man is unless all circumstances spiral fully out of control
but suppose two black holes collided
and merged together to form a single black hole?
everything hanging in the balance might vanish
panic from the beautifully fantastic damage
pictures are still on the wall
before i walk away it seems like they wanna see me crawl
everything hits at once, simultaneous
somewhat redundant
natural next step's becoming numb from it
seems like equilibrium comes from it
Track Name: Lost Mammal (featuring EVAK1)
arsonist moonlighting
fire in the eyes blind men recognize
were the hands idle or in need of a title?
have those feet walked a moonlight mile?
marathon style.. continuous
stress the whole episode strenuous
self-made venomous due to an unchecked interest
that's been known to manifest at the peak
and run for eight days a week
roadshow flow opposite antique
instant classic
dope on plastic
right and exact within the inner fabric
truth interwoven between the words chosen
halfway home after half-day closing
frozen in a chain of events with a strain imposing itself
until the chain is broken

rearranged man to the origins of lost mammal
burned both candle ends off the handle
putting everything together with the choice to dismantle it later
leave it in shambles
rumble yet remain humble
king of a castle that will soon crumble
pack light
shadow in the night
versatile style on the scale of hematite
first hand knowledge
trapped in a quantum of solace
no apology for being polished
why confession for a life's profession?
search for sagehood
passing on lessons
sentimental journey of the soul
diggin' on introspection spun out of control
this is how the accidental at home tourist is created
and then emancipated

[ guest verse by EVAK1 ]
Track Name: Quest For Fire
secondhand smoke jumper
double bummer
another cruel summer for the homestar runner
momma looks down and spits on the ground anytime that topic's mentioned
the mad invention
mad scientist in training
monstrous melody needs unchaining
rampage style for the son of necessity
works effectively without the weaponry that some cats require
this is now a journey to build the legacy
a quest for fire
light a path leading straight to the empire
love it like it's soon to be a funeral pyre
any other path would be a waste of time
amongst suckers that constitute a waiting line
watch it intertwine into infinity
timidly marching into anonymity

using the stone that the builder refused
completed the fuse that could power the muse
artificial energy driven contraption
ready for action
the main attraction
lacing up the gloves on some Battling Maxo
no matter the outcome just act natural
frightening even when the screws need tightening
duck or get struck by smokestack lightning
shining like gold
the standard type
wipe it all down then create the crown from the first cut
simply 'cause it's the deepest
day's never finished so remain sleepless
in it to win it if only for a hot minute
skin it, strip it to the bone then spin it around
eagle-eye viewing proximity
lost in a search for a cure to the remedy

generation gap : beats v. blanks
arm both sides with bombs and tanks
let it all simmer
future gets dimmer
x out the y's
eliminate the chance of a winner
punishment park the clown baby
capturing the flag, possibly maybe
one hand washes, the other receives
those hands are clean is what a fool believes
mr. halcyon
light as a feather and flying high within the friendly skies
touched down and never left the ground
hoping for discovery of the profound category
redundancy to duck allegory
caustic wit meant to advance the story
abstract Uroburos
self-sacrificial while simultaneously cyclical
skipped standing in line to get a new brain
that makes one neutral on a moving train
logic dictates there's momentum to gain even without movement
forced improvement
is it harder then to be stagnant, or worse digress?
repel the magnet
that's the choice of the polar opposition
painless just like a suicide mission
an impression that just kept on pushing away
the misguided passion play
all star cast
cream of the crop
solid 'til the last thread of curtain drops
some method benefits the misdirected
hand selected to be disconnected
smart cats realize it ain't pretty to pull a 180
and cut that city
Track Name: Boîte Diabolique
definition of impact
a forceful blow and the object ceases to remain intact
simple as that
speak the Boîte Diabolique on beat in fact
ear drum attack
thrusted adjustment
totally unlike the way we discussed it
sewer shark with new maneuvers
audio junkie full blown abuser
wouldn't it amuse you so to let go
and bask in the glow of it all?
this is an Abstract Freefall revisited
public image update unlimited
learn to swim before the lights go dim on the show you're planning
clearly from where i'm standing these cats are sinking
and thinking about going deeper underground

i'm going deeper underground

shine like spectres that aren't defined
naked eye patch working on a double blind third eyesight bet
lest one forget
this journey contains paths infinite without destination
introducing uncommon denominators into equations
collect components for calculation
modern alpha-numeric transmutations
good vibrations
resonating on Monolith frequency frequently
champion status
Doomday Massive is mammoth
madness looking for canvas
so callous it upset the balance
seems the dream because actual malice
ominous threat
leave it unchecked for a series of events you won't soon forget

i'm going deeper underground

abstract engineer working the angles
spends time exposing the trouble with angels
racking up frequent flyer miles on wings of wax
prepared for that deep impact that closes the deal
makes it real
adds the masochistic mass appeal
shocking mad suckers like electric feel
every day there's a new king of the hill
that will tell you what the sun's all about when the light's go out
songs in the key of right now
powerful impact that's lacking the need for a time restraint
that would surely seem quaint
to an evolutionary revolutionary tuned thought pattern
cavernous insight
live it and then write
regular men bite
the pattern continues on an elevated plane
either complain beneath the bus for another campaign
or avoid that cold November rain
watcher with a cause and a sharp set of claws
pause so it's easier to observe the flaws of the opposition
on mission
set for decision to strike or intercept transmission
heavy artillery
more ammunition than one needs to abuse competition

i'm going deeper underground
Track Name: Dust For Ashes
help me out because the walls are closing in once again
the lettering gets clearer as it draws nearer
and time for thinking equals nil
this is real life in real time
and it's redefined by the moment
those who own it aren't alone
others roam the fringes
inches from the action
lacking satisfaction
itching to be the source of energy for a single positive reaction
contact in the truest form imagined
fingerprints planted upon the surface of a tangible tangent
parallel lines frame the corners of my mind
tangle 'em together for a chance to unwind
and resign to the natural flow
give 'em something they can classify as conversational
misinterpretation of personification
animate inanimate strictly through motivational tactics
targets on a journey for practice
give it how you live it type Millennium Actress
bartering the dust for ashes
stuck matching wits with the classless
rose colored glasses for the masses
limited supply
no more protection for the naked eye
ultraviolet as the ultra-violence
never will Chief be one to suffer in silence
complacency breeds contempt
and no man will be exempt from that fact
or the abstract impact to follow
that's one tough pill to swallow
thinking if you hold it all together through tomorrow
you can make a masterpiece out of anything left
if you ain't supposed to die a natural death
then you're cursed at the finish
psyche gets pushed to the limits if you're forced to watch your value diminish