Doomsday NOW!

by Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice

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a small release in preparation for a series of collaborations that will take place between myself and other producers in 2012.

these are songs i've made in between the completion of "It/ll Be Better Tomorrow" and "Mixed Signal Transmission".

enjoy them. share them with others.


released March 13, 2012

written and produced by Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice



all rights reserved


Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice Austin, Texas

Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice
:: mc : dj : producer : artist ::

A wordsmith with the heart of a poet and the head of a broadcast journalist. A DJ who is not afraid to venture outside of the norm. A producer with a different vocabulary of influences, and no fear whatsoever about embracing them. An artist searching for the link between the palette and the pixel. ... more

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Track Name: True Grit
i am locked into an obligation
occupational observation
waste away within space and time
gain dividends oh so divine
dig that girl
this time i won't spill the wine
redefine my objective using collective approach
two steps back and we'll be on track
bathing apes will get turned to vapor
Interpol even avoids that caper
no paper trails or details
Julian Assange will get the e-mails
call it unnecessary need for ranking
think tank thinking's clearly tanking
circle the drain for kicks since it looks like you need a fix
in this situation
shaking the tree to shock the monkey
rehabilitate one more beat junkie
will he maintain 'til the end of days?
change my life before we part ways?
i looked at the abyss
and it looked back like "what is this?"
strangest mutual admiration
Harry Call and his conversation
fascination that i've mistaken
falsely labeled it as addiction
source of friction
put that key in my ignition
flip the switch to on position
set direction
gain distance for your protection
separation anxiety
sacrificed for society

and she's an acrobat
well known to flip the script in your habitat
force the issue and they won't miss you
think about how they can't resist you
when you're delivering raw uncut
vocalize, think worldwide, localize
before the Earth is stuck with nothing
Common Purpose
all i can truly do is stand by
and watch this three way tie for last
visited a prophet unsurpassed
who showed me everyone's grass was greener
no big deal for real
use that in-between time in the meantime
in my times of isolation
i've assessed my situation to the Nth degree
orchestrating infinity like a symphony
semiconductor for days of thunder
on to another who will pull your number
where is self defense from perdition?
stuck in the field with no mission
the kite has now left the string
i'm about ready to do my thing
bring me the head of (fill in the blank)
thank me later
come to grips with your savage nature
as i bandage my wounds
courtesy of collateral damage
i dodge in-between designs
shift paradigms that intertwine
tow the line like a champion
here to set things right again
Track Name: JunoTwentySeventh
malcontent and still non-convinced
so circumstantial, and this one is evidence
21st century schizoid direct relative
after-effects define the bloodline
lesser protection for peace of mind
invest in your investigation
while i spend time reflecting on mine
check out the due process and all
a bridge adjusting to the waterfall
for the sake of a skill you will not forget
to dance underwater and not get wet
mystery achievement dejavu
past tense sequence now gone askew
room with a view you could misconstrue
never realized how easy that was to do

this is for the ones not listening still
overkill has become run of the mill
cheap thrills
shake the hand that kills
intimacy, get to know how it feels
mind boggles, spine tingles and chills arrive
in these times to be alive and aware
is such a bittersweet combination
man on wire
tender situation
one step makes up the difference
between monotonous and magnificence
straight-faced in case they don't know the hand that life handed us
going all in
London Calling 2011
when the aggression hit breaking point
police and thieves rolling up the sleeves on combat fatigues

total white ghetto
these puppet masters are jive Gepetto
settling for stringing along the wrong puppet
tangling the one with soul
amongst the other ones under control
strangling life out of the only thing living
like "what i've felt dubs thee unforgiven"
can you explain this loss for a gain?
such a strange balance for one to maintain
giving an opinion is still out of line
spend time evolving your intelligent design
soul-mining produces alkaline lining
tying up my intentions like bad timing
hanging up the hat on this balancing act
the fact of the matter is once that pact was broken
the focus can no longer matter
manifestos transposed to idle chatter
Track Name: Casual Exorcism
freedom is a state of mind
blind man can see that
six degrees of separating self from the feedback
leave it all behind for somebody else to find
Spy vs. Spy designs
that are kind of amusing
yet kind of confusing also
welcome to the vacuum where you can fall slow
and analyze that for ages
and document the whole process through the various stages
12 stepping, self-help as a weapon
finding me seems to threaten you, i reckon
Frankenstein method, using pieces of everything
i will ring the alarm until it's deafening
so hear me out as i go through the motions
causing a commotion composed of the broken dreams
i've collected and hand-selected to be reapplied
lifelong dreams, they will not be denied
confide in what i manifest
i suggest everybody else do the same
Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice will maintain
through the dying embers of the eternal flame
in the same vein i've accepted that reality
there is a conflict with the normal mentality of everyday people
the misplaced passionate
this is the ignition designated for the actionless

and i keep it like a secret fit for a king
this dominion is a delusional thing
the paranoia agent is out looking for his payment
for safety's sake you should vacate the pavement
thought i made an investment
yet the danger that was inherent
never seemed like it was suggested
wish that i was fluent in reading between the lines
and more sympathetic to the hearts and the minds
outside of my immediate sphere
light years of advancement
leads to isolated disenchantment
the satellite of lovesickness
we're waiting for the change like a litmus test
educated guessing
cruising for a blessing
living on the verge of addressing this obsession
owner of the golden moment
like "rewind selector!" for double doses of that nectar
call me the bone machine collector for the time being
sight-seeing for kicks
there's no agenda i could recommend you
and why would i teach the new dogs the old tricks?
syndication is the new downward spiral
carbon copy entertainment has gone viral
it's information containment
witness that infokill that is all too real

shut my mouth and paint me red
swear on my figurehead
even if my mama and my papa got bled
you will not bleed me
exterminating angel
this will be a gainer from glory so graceful
you may ignore all of the painful elements
like how we've all become human experiments
full resonance
standing in the wake of the blast
and the dark shadow it has now cast
sins of the past with an echo
seeking for a stranglehold that it won't let go
setting in long term
externality machines
ends make about as much sense as the means
hold it in, but now i'm busting at the seams
listen while my guitar gently screams
and dig it good
don't let me be misunderstood
or keep me unaware, so i can't care
blind ambition is the mission protocol
Donnie Darko meets Total Recall
wouldn't Kurt Vonnegut be proud?
if i'm in a cloud of unknowing
it is not showing
what is bliss again? i never learned that
now the sad fact is i can't turn back
clearly, that domino theory applies here
no alarm, therefore, no surprise here