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Day For Night

by Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice

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mr pink records
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mr pink records chief is incredibly smart hip-hop its always honest and been at it for years which gives him a real edge compositionally Favorite track: Notes From The Underground.
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Blunderbuss 03:49
isolation drills again where we pretend stances are chosen and we’re not frozen in time crystalized right before the eyes of the comprimised where weakest minds intertwined by design to blind might find everything in vain if they remain in the grips of a broken chain that’s branded upon the brain tried to explain the details of my User Lain debasement or something adjacent back to basics in phases redefine the basis before permanent hiatus is the placement we’re encased in for show cautionary tale we inherently know of a local armageddon what is the appropriate setting if we’re heading into evenflow? some were inspired to dream of flat tires i’m told ready for the fire and trapped in the cold for a spell saving’s account at the bottom of a well wishing this shell of a man had energy for one last stand but it’s not in the master plan ran with schematics so problematic they stalled out the task at hand what we do is secret and it’s done nonstop if i see fit unlock a mystery achievement one more time watch as i testify with these rhymes autobiographic documents in the midst of trying to simply exist innocence from inside the great divide giving stimulants to the residents erase all evidence trace elements artificial intelligences the mission, validate my intuition free it from a prison the world imposed when my eyes were closed momentary lapse of reason hurricane season is over let’s pop a champagne supernova to the memories of our enemies separate ‘em out using more degrees than the previous six that were already mentioned call upon the mother of all invention for a little bit of assistance off and on but for now it’s on sorta like hittin’ switches for a makeshift juxtapostion in addition to a realignment of what the complacent would consider defiant half-dead types searching for halflife just like the ones outside the accepted realms letting out Wilhem screams of pain mostly in vain hearing you say that you would never break the chain is a memory kept in vain there’s no need to maintain the arrangement leaving us caged in our own regret seemingly settle for less blind man guiding our way through a vision quest with the subtle art of suggestion diving right in with the intuition mixed in with zen like the most delicate blend of elements in development deja’ vu as a gift for the chosen few to keep them subdued some kind of hypnotist hitting us with harmonic resonance making it fit even if it won’t naturally mix and at first attempt runs amiss love at first sight of eclipse non-fiction conniptions have me convinced to dismiss any sense of ignorant bliss open myself to this tryst
vigilant, keep killing it i’ll admit that i’m guilty of innocence but only a little bit qualifier for the hot fire that is immenent what is the dividend of unlimited when it starts diminishing? maybe it’s inhibiting sorta like compression of the planes you are visiting putting a restraint on experiment experience leaves everyone fenced in imprisonment of the proficient limited rations and no joy division but heavy on the ammunition what a lack of subtly can’t quantify how it troubles me thinking if i bite then it’ll have to be on some coyote ugly type of separation dislocation from an ill situational development that i find irrelevant blank spaces where the thoughts keep revisiting the same places in the desolate wasteland hardhome happening undead looking for a captain to guarantee freedom from clockwork entrapment parallel cycles spiraling amongst themselves to stay vital card architects operating with something less than a full deck in multiple aspects sentient to the sediment accepting being the basis for any base element unedited yet and still living in awe of that raw deluxe in mid-influx jagged edge juxtaposition as a policy in place to keep a dichotomy going at a high velocity in hopes that nobody will ease back before the impact rock with an on the clock mentality can’t rattle my impact apathy gained from the pain tolerance i’m convinced that it’s helped me ascend let’s begin on making that a communal transition keep a journal of my mission similar to my man Rorschach watching the Watchmen as a matter of fact long time ago i made a pact i would do so this taker is no oathbreaker savor in the nature of the unwavered housing suckers like a T-1000 to eliminate overcrowding proud men to are not allowed in the key is to shroud yourself in humility willingly baptism of wisdom meant to jumpstart the system
fever pitch with the pen and no medicine yet again like it's never enough be it raw deluxe or rough trade seduction the function remains consistent happy to be out of that loop all things considered that's deliverance delivered did it like a poor man's patent hit 'em with the self-addressed action no disturbance amongst these likes fashion in display status undercut good intentions with bad habits and neither one wins similar to Dead Rabbits trust gets left in the dust for a grand decay that would probably happen anyway things fall apart for real and reveal the secret details like a leaked e-mail text redacted just that quick like it didn't even happen they'd say they tapped in to see what condition your condition was in and they'll be chalking it up to gang stalking more than likely even those gifted with the sturdiest psyche might bend when the pressure begins to exceed the degree we can take with too much speed notes from the underground to put down that sense of dread in your head default dance on the way to victory simplified all intensity into a laser-like focus without notice playing host to a ghost dimension supernatural dateline stepping up game one plane at a time to remain consistent and then some as i keep splitting these atoms of wisdom live in the flesh we mesh the network with a complex connectivity with kinetic energy in perpetual motion as always maintain like a mainstay and embrace the dog days working when the spirit gets weathered it ain't hard to tell that i'm untethered with dynamite soul in-tact the life of a freejack speaker with no feedback we disrupt the broadcast to announce a data blast meant to contrast the hive mind design that we find intertwined in a life where the truth is often unkind therefore i am unphased in preperation fully prepared to not jump the gun even if it's set to stun we will take care of the victim notes from the underground to put down that sense of dread in your head rare earth resident penning a testament dressed up just like evidence of an invasive system to box out those being held down from a rebound sounds like the hounds of justice caught the sickness and can’t get rid of it so it intensifies to incentivize fear from the folks that’ll vocalize to intensify the lows in the ongoing ebb and flow of existence that’s persistence of memory placed in a complex field of energy gatekeeper for the thin place entry as we transition to the next mission at hand no gameplan for a stranger in a strange land canned applause for the archangel now at a stop-loss just as stressed as i’m blessed put to the test on a daily basis i’m encased in the ether radiate for the non-believers tuned in like radio receivers waiting for their individual signals notes from the underground to put down that sense of dread in your head
keeping record of restless like a guest list honeybees getting extra with the estrus in the centerpoint of the nexus drowning in that which you cherish can be so embarrassing within the moment still you should own it like it was chosen the second that you were shown it time space refutation for the sake of saving reputation in the same way that you save face qualify it like a saving grace as we displace the ethereal on some Ancient One adversarial push method directed at suckers whose souls are prone to moments of disconnection bee drowns in the honey case study for the ages feeling lucky i can pollinate minds drowning in the pages holding me down in the deep end most folks feel a sense of panic those are the moments i get zen makes life feel so romantic tainted love life lessons roll call for the blessings spirit is higher than heaven so i turn it to eleven like spinal tap every time i rap then i adapt like evolution elevate out of a deep state issuance of a resolution pulling rank on the file dumping the data supporting denial striking the text like a gatekeeper medication for a fake healer bee drowns in the honey case study for the ages feeling lucky i can pollinate minds drowning in the pages ton of bricks with enlightenment die lit then i dial in stay racking up mileage in my search for some asylum hiding in plain sight take stock then i take flight pushing the limits of memory banks to take in the long nights second sight getting utilized making moves unsupervised midpack for the halftime once again like the last time making the most of the ritual little earthquakes and miracles logging the clerical errors and putting a new face on the terror bee drowns in the honey case study for the ages feeling lucky i can pollinate minds drowning in the pages
black mirror backing reflection for suppression of a personal connection and eventual confession monologuing half-truths for the uncouth that’ll listen in like a nonstop eavesdrop read the minutes for a comprehensive understanding of the self from a view just outside of the fandom hard to find the substance once you circumvent that circumfrence and go solo with the functions off book with the enchantment and some improvisation might give it necessary enhancement high definition for the next mission it’s a test vision where i collect prisms to create a sphere of influence that’s forever growing and when it starts glowing marvelous persona starts showing cold facts gaining traction so you should learn to read between the lines like closed captions nowadays the insolence is tolerated every bit of hateration gets hollerated anybody that’s a stranger to the echo chamber effect will get wrecked or correct to protect themselves from what a core deep dive entails true-unliving with a pocketful of coffin nails hope you’ve got a totem in case you need recalibration in the middle of an ill situation it’s the wandering star once again the fisher of men fixed on the datablend more charm than Cold Comfort Farm and i promise i will do no harm when i ring the alarm to warn those in the midst of a moral code switch and assist with keeping that wreck in check that collective effort formulation of a bond that cannot be severed those who claim they have an incentive to get inventive are the same type willing to get augmentative for the simple-minded who will more than likely decline any assitance defense via knee-jerk resistance wave of mental mutilation for the transients stranded at the waystations hooked on a feeling that’s dead-set on revealing the details like a tea spill no chill will be the new keep it real in real time, we will soon find out high off that deep fake clout castles made of sand with the logic toxic level readings are the brand for myopic mindstates music to the ears of the ingrates looking for a fix of that ignorant intake stakes is high once again, my friend as they try to break the will that will no longer bend
you shouldn’t trust us when we’ve got the hounds of justice in tow throw your automatic art right out the window but i say that to say this the scientific method may be respected but the data that you’ve collected lacks validation and the indication is your limiter cannot be removed meaning that room for improvement will be prohibited if exhibited sentimental for your sense of sentience something similar to ignorant bliss your contagion is free but it’s running amiss to the benefit of nobody and my notion is you’ll waste away wasting your time with wasted motion VIP status on that nowhere fast track without the proper tools to blast back at the moment of impact so i guess you’ll sit in your own mess and question which outcome is best hit ‘em with reverse heckling like a method of proactive protection intellectual in possession of a derelict dialect that i utilize in a single direction with no need for correcting the opinions open both ears or i’ll have your head spinning we deplete the occupants of the cat-bird seat using longevity indefinitely spreading like a Toyenbee tile everywhere at once with a low profile piling spirits into the lyrics those in denial will be the same ones who cannot hear it this is bigger than me most definitely but i’m fully aware and take accordingly in the face of the powers that be, right? midnight sun that’s guaranteed to see the light in due time bask in its sublime resonance let it commence so we can make it present tense hit ‘em with reverse heckling like a method of proactive protection once upon a time called right now is where we set the narrative for making this declarative statement the latent effects will take root in an absolute manner to create new standard definitions those that are waiting to talk will now listen like we issued them a writ of prohibition not that i’m the type to get a kick out of issuing directives to a sector of selected targets we would otherwise consider harmless turns out the practice is toxic like harvesting garbage send in an intervention and i’ll share every innervision manifested on my lifelong vision quest where my comedown will resemble sundown on a ghost town where no one’s around creator of residual sound that the soul will discover and consider profound hit ‘em with reverse heckling like a method of proactive protection


released Fall of 2019


released October 30, 2019

written and produced by Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice


all rights reserved



Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice Austin, Texas

Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice
:: mc : dj : producer : artist ::

A wordsmith with the heart of a poet and the head of a broadcast journalist. A DJ who is not afraid to venture outside of the norm. A producer with a different vocabulary of influences, and no fear whatsoever about embracing them. An artist searching for the link between the palette and the pixel. ... more

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