A Working Class Hero (Is Something To Be) [A 'Mixtape']

by Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice

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a 'mixtape' by Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice


released August 20, 2012

written by Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice
produced by Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice + my favorite artists



all rights reserved


Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice Austin, Texas

Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice
:: mc : dj : producer : artist ::

A wordsmith with the heart of a poet and the head of a broadcast journalist. A DJ who is not afraid to venture outside of the norm. A producer with a different vocabulary of influences, and no fear whatsoever about embracing them. An artist searching for the link between the palette and the pixel. ... more

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Track Name: Ready To Start // ( CaTDD Revision )
going Alex Row with the flow
rogue captain combating stereo apathy
if you don't care be aware
getting hands on with a plan to repair the culture
blue collar shadetree poet
soloist so I must go it alone
known to be the catalyst of an even unknown
I worked while they watched the throne
hell, I was watching too
visceral peripherals caught them watching you
spotted like a dalmation
so I've gotta play Cruela DeVille going in for the kill
mixed business for the stormy weather
from now until the 12th of never
once again it's time to settle my ties
just like every time I close my eyes

next step movement for improvement
reality for modern amusement
karmic reward confusion
what have I done to deserve this?
why am I nervous?
lip service in times in divine manner
holding a blood-stained banner
frontline survivor
hitting high scores in the middle of an Arcade Fire
an arsonist with asbestos skin
I don't even understand the shape I'm in
self's reflection
connection is made
some parts fade to black
what remains picks up the slack automatic
so there you have it
label me an addict of momentum
story goes on
the human addendum
Track Name: Ni___z In Paris // ( CaTDD Revision )
667 demonstration instillation
in an act of desperation
deep concentration exploration
stimulated revelation
full dedication
pacing down barrel of full devastation
total annihilation
cancellation as a transformation agent
manifestation of a patient individual
formulation of a miracle
meditation simulation situation
articulation of desired location
all things in moderation
vacation's all I ever wanted in consideration
I received obliteration
so I returned the gift to show appreciation
receive evaluation
this is preparation application going down
so that I avoid the elimination round

going so atomic that it's comical
real life Chronicle
reveal skills quite phenomenal
so flippant
completely indifferent
LOLZ for kicks
conditioned to stay distant
plus I'm scalping wolf tickets on the side
making sure each contingent provides to the end game
where I burn 'em in the flame
horseman on a horse with no name
on a journey through the desert
forced isolation
outside the wake of insane creation
take a look around
including up and down
caretaker of the sights and sounds
mixed signal transmission
airwaves for those who are not conditioned
the automatons
cause what I'm on is some Lexus-Nexus
reckless information infectious
Track Name: Broken Language // ( CaTDD Revision )
the prodigal son
the army of one
the golden gun, my uzi weighs a ton
the walk don't run and you get trampled
the amplified sample
the man who made you an example
the apex predator
the editor
the Hunger Games/Battle Royale competitor gold medalist
the absence of evidence
the sharp shooter, execution excellence
the friendly neighborhood superhero
the absolute zero, Jake Lamotta/Rob DeNiro combination
the waystation agent
the bullyfoot stepper, imprint the pavement
the occassional conversational element
the next level wise intelligent
the full metal alchemist with the golden touch
the true man who knew too much
the sky captain
the man wrapped in enigma
the one who counts the moments 'til reality hits ya
the conscientious objector, cut selector
the mad scientist like Large Professor
the lesser of the two evils
the rock, flag and eagle
the one who knows no equal
the missing link
the man who writes rhymes with indelible ink that cannot shrink
the thinking man
the significant grain of sand
the insomniac watching everybody sleep on the master plan
the one who partakes in the task at hand
the hatchet man
the rough trade
the artistic deviant
the new school main ingredient
the receiver that makes believers
the pack leader with a case of amnesia
Track Name: Pepper // ( CaTDD Revision )
double trouble doppleganger
hong kong danger duo
numero uno as far as you know
let it be
the singularity is reality
we are down barrel
call it a tough sell
shotgun wedding
right now married to the way we are heading
natural selection
change in direction
half instinct, half error correction
now my acumen seems far beyond human
to illuminate just use your illusion
never ending math equation conversation
binary audio vocab invasion
the numbers don't lie
so why should I?
lay low 'til we get by
apply the pressure
lesson for the lesser of two evils
who don't know they're equals

eagle eye cherry pie
scientific samurai
modern day Rufus T. Firefly
upstarts in a blowout
no rules to throw out if your whole plan was to go out
in a sort of glorified blaze
Apocalypse Now
my role is general malaise
possible I'm more amazed than Frank Black
the leader of the pack can't pick up the slack
eyes on my six would be so nice
could I be the victim of a tracking device?
labelled like M though I am not him
what does it stem from?
happy to play dumb for the time being
leaning into it
still play the role of human conduit
method acting
time for subtraction
disappearing act for your whole faction
Track Name: Don't Touch Me // ( CaTDD Revision )
suckers hang and get hit by the boomerang
I mean stay, ricochet, anyway
I am a beast that feeds on mistakes
longevity is what I make
younger than yesterday is the way I manage
that's where I hold an advantage
Equal parts therapeutic/cathartic
artist with a palette of computable logic
masterpieces via telekinesis
smooth operator with a working thesis
not quite sure who greases the wheel
but I share how I feel on a daily basis
shall not fade or waste away
cinematic lifestyle verite
doing it our way
making our dreams come true
and we do that for you
osmosis incorporated
jaded beyond all comprehension
dangerous combinations
real-time volatile violation arrangement
watch me build and destroy for fun
tell them all that I'm your gun
Richie Dagger
three decades of swagger to spare
black Ric Flair
none can compare to the most prolific
coolest cat ever to be blacklisted
skyrocketed my intrinsic value
so beautiful, the sweetest taboo
break on through to the other side
like the next dimension had something to hide
stuck in flux
raw deluxe
emphasize on what lies at the crux of the matter
dodge that chatterbox title
speakerbox waiting for the next recital
I am now living outside the lines
wise men say it takes all kinds
blindside specialist
where the method is sort of like second nature in practice
no theatrics
no rehearsal
all momentum
no reversal
act like your reaction is parallel
reality in modality
qualify that anyway you choose
seems this ruse contains a short fuse
seems nobody escapes the danger
fascinated by a beautiful stranger
Hangar 18 is the residence
of the Execution of Eloquence
therefor you can't fence me in
turn tension into discipline
Track Name: Closer // ( CaTDD Revision )
bullyfootwork like uprock improv
open invitation for you to get involved
battle roulette examination
placing skill at the mercy of opinion
killer of the king's dominion
Midas like digits
never heard if it ain't broke don't fix it
not blessed with invisible touch yet
crazy enough they might
rush come save me from myself
apparently I seem to ask for assistance with passing glances
chances are you lost me a long time ago
honestly, saving me is not a viable option
for personal upward development
I create my own element to stay relevant
innocent armor like Alphonse Elrich
my soul wrestles with an accidental vessel

stamp taxin'
maxin' and relaxin'
main attraction says it's time for some action
cut to the chase
or face the music
gaining momentum to avoid the acoustic onslaught
all and all a brick in the wall of sound
standing on the verge of getting down
no protection from my massive attack
told you before I'll take it all back
ball bats with nails
any sucka duck in the path can count shells in an orderly fashion
snap you out the daze
the haze you create
with you pills and powders and passion plays
temporary lovers with wandering eyes
nobody's certain where the interest lies at a time like this
a very unlikely chain of events for a crime like this