A Memoir Called Noir

by Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice

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released May 11, 2018

written and produced by Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice
featuring guest appearances by Kazee Queen and BERNICHUS


all rights reserved



Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice Austin, Texas

Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice
:: mc : dj : producer : artist ::

A wordsmith with the heart of a poet and the head of a broadcast journalist. A DJ who is not afraid to venture outside of the norm. A producer with a different vocabulary of influences, and no fear whatsoever about embracing them. An artist searching for the link between the palette and the pixel. ... more

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Track Name: Azure (A High)
they supplied him with ad infinitum intuition
and he made it his confessional
before he went professional
known to use questions as answers
just to dance around oppositional conversation
knowing he's the element within the equation
that causes the tangents to start
with that tangled up in blue situation
cognitive dissonance is amiss
and it looks like this
so i collect evidence and stay honest
the prince that was promised
wishing on a star to be swallowed by a comet
isn't that sardonic, don't you think?
sink into the sarcasm
average cats cannot fathom
i turned the children of the atom into orphans
distortion of good fortune
torture chamber for a stranger
turned namer of names
that are outside the frame

i remember when the numbness was an abstract
cowboy funk, then it all goes to black
somewhere in the back of my mind
if i rewind far enough and take a step in reverse
the curse will be broken
this is my token of gratitude
from parts unknown to Xanadu to Atlantis
i'll plant this seed even though
everybody knows 'we do not sow'
is the manifesto
my nonchalance seems to get a response
from the people on the outside of
the psychedelic renaissance
i am a savant from the upper eschelon
and much further beyond
short timers turning thrill seekers like flatliners
the new miner at the dial-a-view
might consider you to have an aura
with a dangerous hue that he cannot subdue

venomous menaces with skewed visages
give derivative opinions
as they roll deeper than minions
every individual earth angel gets their own world engine
and then some
i cold get dumbfounded when i'm surrounded
on all sides by those who are not grounded in reality
hopes for creation of an uncommon casualty
whose mentality shifts radically
corners that convey tindalos doorways
will amaze if you do not avert your eyes or shoegaze
being phased is a blessing
for each destination the journey will be the lesson
even the infinitesimal holds a credible influence
you couldn't put a finger on
or even hear a decibel of
qualify it hands down as a dose of acceptable love
Track Name: Kickstart
number one bimini road for the remedy
been such a long time they might not remember me
take my coming back as a sign
i've joined up with the enemy
hit me with cold shoulder tendency
hate to admit it, but i get it
people get smitten when folks get committed
just like when you flip it they get livid
god forbid you talk it and don't live it to the minute
they get on it like an audit
total recall getting dropped periodic
i despise itemized lies
idolize any opening of third eyes
synchronicity means we examine the absurdity
to shared reality so casually cool
getting tuned in to the tone of atonement
and deactivating opponents

gentleman going around
turning everything upside down
like an alternate hawkins
the moment i walked in
all eyes made a beeline
thinking they can comprehend
any aspect of the grand design
daring one another to step and accept
a fool's errand
even single file with a minimum interim
the end result was worthwhile
stacking wins just like dividends
maybe i should reinvest in the next one
to tip the scales
marty mcfly with the heaviness
basically clairvoyant with the readiness
may the good lord shine darkness
on light already there for the sake of paradox
synchronize clocks to count down the uncharted renaissance
on the other side of equinox

kickstart my heart
just to rip it apart, right?
call me two face on a dark night
fighting the good fight just like
a losing champion
let down at the let out yet again
going full throttle
on the message in a bottle mentality
for the sake of challenging those
that are comfortably numb to get some
i fully condone stepping outside
your well known comfort zone
put a little urgency into the repurposing
rap macguyver
dead or alive or an alternative
all i have to give
is left on the page
left on the stage
left on the brains of the listener who can remain coherent
terror in the canyon at random
with reckless abandon
Track Name: Thunderbird Wings
thunderbird wings
bring me things in strange ranges of classification
for i am the manifestation of purpose
a surged emergence for hire
phoenix outside the fire in which you burn slow
it gets stoked unprovoked
by the devil you know
stay on point cause he's sizing you up
for a finishing blow with no afterglow
swept in the depths
of an unchained undertow
with no rhyme or reason
appeasing the flow as it goes unchecked
whatever you cannot deflect
is set to catch wreck
which designates me as the architect
that was always meant to bring circumvention
to everyone's full attention like headline news
so here's the next bulletin
what good is a puritan in a city
chock full of corrupted men?
what we need is a chameleon
more versatile than cerulean
or any spectrum you're feeling to seed the psyche
and feed the scenario folks would label unlikely
to take root within the realms
of the destitute
take back the term strange fruit
my pursuit for a chance at
proof of concept might break the minds of those
less adept, the soon irreprable
not even knowing they're unprotectable
seems like an undetectable
line of events when you're in the midst
i wasn't made to wade through
and i'm thankful that i recognized that fact
and had a reaction
take hold and fire was my desire
leaving me so inspired in my search for traction
make commitments to get
in the grime and grit
similar to scar from full metal alchemist
i exist to tow the line
walking these streets to complete this cipher
spend days getting ready for an all-nighter
just about tantamount
to a man landing in a demanding prediciment
this denizen's getting it in
much more than the minimum required
stunting on suckers for hire
metaphysical healing sounds so appealing right now
so bring the damage
past this vanishing point for tangents
Track Name: Emotional Distance (featuring Kazee Queen)
let's get methodical
we can chronicle everything from mundane to phenominal
variety jones combed through the data
sat me down and he said
'chaos is a ladder, you will decide if it matters at all
the moment you fall an emotional distance
hit this intense sense of resistance'
my twitter fingers weigh a ton
never the prodigal fortunate son
hero to some, but mostly invisible
and i'm known to embrace the principal of it
like it's a tangible nothing
solid air that is there to be summoned
heaven coming for the hell of it
take a second to reflect on your relevance
periodic with the elements
dwelling within the scenario
here's to letting go like a trustfall
into mindstates that corrupt all in the radius as it radiates
let it resonate as it serenades like a seraphim
using atomic harmonic polyphonic supersonic sonnets
as symbolic ammunition
falling in love with the juxtaposition
like i'm still an innocent in the truest sense
to articulate what's legitimate in any incriment
from insignificant to magnificence
putting emphasis on the genesis of it
delays the close of discussion

[Kazee Queen verse 2]
Track Name: Old Time Religion (featuring BERNICHUS)
live evil
separate but equal
some say hell is other people
my life is much like a sequel to needful things
CAT2D comes prepared with answered prayers
someone made the connection
'that's an impressive soul collection'
upon reflection, each addition
was a chance to enhance the overall vision
gimme that old time religion
i write rhymes like divine intervention
with intention
plenty of subtext
turn everybody into test subjects
when i make these musings public
damage your hard drive
and leave all files curropted
as i make this wake electromagnetic
forced application of the apethetic

triggering intensifies
why villainize those who minimize the scope?
i would hope space gets given
to propagate the living
no hidden figures to configure
within the big picture
so we are not using optical illusions
to create fusion
we are perfecting evolution of connection
so raise your hands for natural selection
you could be fodder for the lottery
rugged autonomy dictates commodity status
some wear it like badges
and get stretched thinner than go go gadget
upset the balance and all that
simply because they cannot master the fallback
moments alone in that recharge zone
can help you hone in on ronin

[BERNICHUS verse 3]
Track Name: Innervisionquest
write rhymes like i reside in a faraday cage
and each page is more protection
floating in space on the search for a core connection
to upload introspection
outside the cloud that's crowded with
simulated simulacra of random genre
life like night at the opera
keep my chakra more proper than deepak chopra
written like a ribbon of flame in the sky
so extra with my stimuli
that i don't ask why
i just embrace the vibe in its state
of natural reverberation
meditate on the sensational
in a motivational context
forming a subset to get in touch with
the unrecognized enemy of the public
subject to judgement like the congress
holding the smoking gun with no accomplice
was all that was ever accomplished
change of venue or change the topic?
juggernaut in motion
and nothing we put in its way can stop it
this toxic habit will wreak havoc
as it runs amuck until everyone's out of luck
any timeline progression goes far enough
and it'll all get awful rough
those prepared say 'send in the worse for wear'
and tell them to go on a tear
for some indiscriminate duration
and disregard implication
rampant string detachment
cut ties then i buried the hatchet

digging on metatext to bury evidence
in plain sight under thin veneers
frame of reference corrected
to help make it crystal clear
to the point that i might
shed a single tear as a tribute
to anyone who cannot institute
even a minute gameplan
like the lay of the land got scanned
and it's data they cannot compute
pre-monolithic lifestyle adapted
those who propose that turning the past
into redacted text or convex preference
have lost any grasp
of collective essence
pretty girls still make graves for cave singers
they are dead ringers as a matter of fact
that signed a lifetime contract
daring you to keep staring
at the black mirror reflection
for devilish detail
big style as ghost trains get derailed
spirited away
piercing the veil like paper mache
suckers tuned in to the tape delay
getting resigned to a life that is lived
so far behind that it feels like new ground
wholly convinced that all of this
is some new sound
meanwhile i make beats
like i tame the havoc
and craft these bars using eldrich magic
and other techniques
that'll newspeak volumes for astral weeks
and yeah, that's a long time
might as well get a ticket for the long line
though i might turn the queue askew
for a sneak preview
then leave 'em to exist in the residue
Track Name: Fifth Estate Amendment
prone to a fit of together alone
the kind of intervals that cut right to the bone
toned down will eventually tone out
and leave clout on the table
you will be able to wade through
placed in a waist-high wasteland
that won't be mistaken for graceland
stand in the place that you were
now face the fact
you will span space-time as a tangible abstract
voice in a vessel
hoping for a coping mechanism that'll fast-track wisdom
and then some
bend a bit of rationale
prestige worldwide internationale
ask how after we pass now
cowards in a brave new world
that is powerfully profound
digging all types of rabbit holes to go down
chase that sun until you're buried in the ground

talk about taking the smart route
laying your cards out
instead of your heart getting carved out
peddling frontier medicince
for dwellers of the uncharted
new-style specimens in the vein of bedouins
gatekeepers won't let us in
as we keep that motive reticent
honestly, their truths are self-evident
in the sense this hindrance is an impediment
of their own design
these idle minds aligned might combine
for a skewed paradigm
those are the talents of the unbalanced
so coarse that they forced my hand
and i became more callous than most
and yet still kept valid composure
sorta like a soldier who's seen just a bit too much
knee jerk rhetoric came out of nowhere
to replace the etiquette

listen to the voices of the missing
those missing out don't care about
the human condition
a militia of the indifferent
imprisoned outside of the collective wisdom
seems like our streams of consciousness connect
just like a prismatic effect
making it hard to determine fallacy from reality
separate truth from travesty
to set 'em up categorically by superiority
and ask for opinions rhetorically
i dare the peanut gallery to come challenge me
and catch a fatality from mastery
of the talented tenth mentality
that i emanate to eliminate collective dead weight
raising the frame rate so when it slows down
the details found leave us all spellbound
Track Name: Secret Language Decoder Ring
rogue ronin
melanated melatonin stays flowing
so the free radicals stop growing
those thoughts i find in my bicameral mind
meant to blind temporarily
and create disparity
mind the gap that emerges
between you and i every time i rap
my goal is to bridge it
but that space created is so vivid
that i'd rather live in it for infinite
instead of these reality bytes
each time the mindhunter strikes
the significant shifts get discernable
versatile types might escape the vertigo
everybody else starts reeling from the feeling
falling amidst these truths so revealing
the surveyor pulling back layers
to identify trends and find the outliers
send 'em a lifeline before they expire

black dynamite with diction
while speaking both fact and fiction
channeling a sacred inscription
rhymes that'll turn timelines
into an undefined design i'll imprint on the mind
this'll be my lesson on discretion
blessing the spectrum
like i'll challenge anybody objecting
with the doomsday weapon
shaping the context with bulk aperception
gathering from every direction
multi-dimensional connections
putting boots to the doors of perception
no knock invasion persuasion
dangerously dope combinations i flex
off the sounds that are pumping
alchemist steady making something out of nothing
reality that resembles intertextuality
so devoted to the coded
make it inception every time i get quoted
more uplifting than compatible drifting
rhyme animal shapeshifting
ballad of an unleashed altered beast
so feast or famine
i am forced to take time to examine
every moment to the smallest component
keep it common knowledge i'm my only opponent
spinning in the throws of winning from the beginning
plot thickens as the competition keeps thinning

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